Saturday, July 14, 2018

Scotty McCreery and family - Celebrity Family Feud

  Mike & Judy McCreery posted this on their facebook page

I think the air date is on or around Aug 5th. Ash and I sat in the audience with Scotty's mgr, Scott Stem. It was priceless... that's all I can say right now:)

Scotty McCreery – Country Music Artist; Playing for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
- Gabrielle Alyse Dugal - Fiancé
- Merrick Anthony Dugal III - Future father-in-law
- Michael Porterfield McCreery - Father
- Paquita Rivera McCreery - Grandmother
Chris Kattan Saturday Night Live; Playing for Partners In Health
- Hajnalka Joslyn - Mother
- Andrew Joslyn - Half-Brother
- Madison Joslyn - Sister-in-law
- Jennifer Schultz - Family Friend

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