Friday, March 16, 2018

Scotty McCeerry's New Album Seasons Changed was released today

The day every McCreerian has been waiting on!  New Music from Scotty!!!

I cannot decide which song is my favorite- they are all just amazing!!!


  1. Hey where is everyone at ????? No comments about Scotty's new CD ????? OMG absolutely AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! This album is PERFECT UNBELIEVEABLE I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I IT LOVE IT !!!!!! At least 10 out of 11 #1 singles !!!!!! Went to see him March 23 and he was Absolutely Amazing !!!! Sold Out !!!! Congrats Scotty !!! Bob where are you ???

  2. Hi Kentucky Girl I am still here I have been gone and I am back. Yes, I love the new CD I ordered 5 and sent to my friends and they all said absolutely AMAZING and I agree this album is Perfect. So wonderful that he wrote all 11 songs.s Glad you got to his concert back on March 23, I will be going to his concert with friends this coming July 11th at the Expo in Medford, Oregon so looking forward to that. Will you being visiting your brother this year? Hope all is well with you and it would be nice to meet you and your Husband as you mentioned alsok sometime. Please take care , Regards, Bob

    1. Kentucky Girl, Hope you will be watching American Idol this coming Sunday as Scotty has been hinting you may see a familiar face. Not sure if you knew but Scotty will be a Mentor on the Show so maybe it sounds like this will be Sunday. He also will be performing at the Mandalay Bay for the AMC Awards for Lifting Lives Concert this Saturday. Thanks, Bob

  3. Yes l did see Scotty Sunday on AI and on the Amc
    awards but why was he not ask to sing or get nominated ? That was cute when Cableb said ScottY was his favorite AI. When l told my brother the date we were coming out he didn't say anything abt Portland until l told him we were coming June 5th he said oh l forgot l wanted you to fly into Portland and then l told him abt you and he said maybe we can meet him some where ?????? If l knew scotty was going to b there in July l would have come then.
    How is Scott's "this is it " doing? I hope comes back on AI.Thanks Bob....and any other scotty fans

  4. Kentucky girl. Sorry you will miss Scotty Concert in Medford but it still will be nice for you to see your Brother this coming June. Do you fly direct to Medford? Does your Brother like Scotty's music.? if so is he planning to to the Concert in July?l Hope you have a nice week-end, also "This is it" will be officially released to Radio I believe they said this May 7th, Hes has had very great comments from all who has interview him and all the fans at the shows. Regards, Bob


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