Monday, January 1, 2018

Information for Pre-ordering Scotty McCreery's New Album Seasons Change

12.20.17 Pre-Order 'Bundles' at
01.12.18 Pre-Order at Amazon, iTunes and other digital outlets
03.16.18 Release Date 

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  1. This album is going to be the BEST !!! I loved it this BIG !!!!!!id anyone see CMT Top 20...The Holiday Top 20. Scotty was on there singing with kinda of a video Christmas coming around again it was AWESOME !!!! 2 more months for Seasons Change

  2. Hi Kentucky Girl. I agree. Hope you have listen to his now 2nd released Single, called "where every you are" This is really great also, this is the song that he wrote along with his co-writers for Gabi. You can go to itunes and buy listen to it. Happy New Year to you. Will you you be coming back to Oregon this year to visit your Brother? Regards, Bob

  3. Yes we are going to try and come back this year ... will let you know when. Maybe we can meet half way and have dinner. We will be coming from Medford, my husband and I would love to meet you and talk about our Scotty !!! Yes I heard his new song today. It was amazing and I like how his voice goes up on some of the words. You take care and many Blessings to you !!! I hope we hear from mamaG

    1. Hi Kentucky Girl. If you do come back to Oregon this year It would be great to meet you and your husband for dinner that way you could actually see this 80 year old in person. You mentioned you would be coming from Medford.I am trying to remember does your Brother live in Medford or Eugene? If you remember I live in Portland but it would be wonderful to meet you both If we could work it out, YOu take care and Blessings to you. There has not been any recent posting from mamaG, and some other fans for awhile. Regards, Bob

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