Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Scotty McCreery co-wrote all 11 songs on his new album Seasons Change

Here is the complete track listing:
1. “Seasons Change” (McCreery/James McNair/Tommy Cecil)
2. “Wherever You Are” (McCreery/Frank Rogers/Dan Isbell)
3. “Boys From Back Home” (McCreery/Dan Isbell/Jason Gantt)
4. “Five More Minutes” (McCreery/Frank Rogers/Monty Criswell)
5. “In Between” (McCreery/Frank Rogers/Jessi Alexander/Jonathan Singleton)
6. “This Is It” (McCreery/Frank Rogers/Aaron Eshuis)
7. “Wrong Again” (McCreery/Frank Rogers/Phillip White)
8. “Move It On Out” (McCreery/Dan Isbell/Aaron Eshuis)
9. “Barefootin'” (McCreery/Frank Rogers/David Lee Murphy)
10. “Still” (McCreery/Aaron Eshuis)
11. “Home In My Mind” (McCreery/James McNair/Tommy Cecil)

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