Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scotty McCreery - 2017 Events

** UPDATED 4/29/17**

27 Billy Bob's (Fort Worth, TX) P
28 Houston, TX (Arena Theatre)

04 Scotty performs at the Patriots Super Bowl Fan Rally
08 Scotty performs at the Heroes & Friends Tribute To Randy Travis!
16 Madisonville, KY (Glema Mahr Center for the Arts)
17 Elkhart, IN (The Lerner Theatre)
18 Ashland, KY (Paramount Arts Center)
19 Wheeling, WV (Capitol Theatre)
21 Honolulu, HI (The Blaisdell Concert Hall)
22 Maui, HI (Maui Arts & Cultural Center)

04 Stampede Music Festival (New Zealand)
08 Strawberry Festival (Plant City, FL)
10 WAVE 92.7 -- Club Braman Performance Studio (Port St Lucie, FL) . . .
10 Ft Pierce, FL (Sunrise Theatre)
21 KJ97 St Jude Jam (San Antonio, TX)
28 Grand Ole Opry (Nashville)

02 ACM Awards Official After Party at the Joint
24 TJ Martell Foundation: Nashville Best Cellars Dinner (Nashville)
28 Salina, KS (Stiefel Theater)
29 Dakota Magic Casino (Hankinson, ND)

04 Des Moines, IA (Hoyt Sherman Place)
05 Springfield, IL (Boondocks Pub)
06 Dubuque, IA (The Five Flags Theater)
11 Waukegan, IL (Genesee Theatre)
12 & 13 Island Resort Casino (Harris, MI)
15 & 16 Golf & Guitars Benefit
17 KRTY: Club Rodeo -- acoustic (San Jose, CA)
20 Augusta, GA (Imperial Theater)
21 Macon, GA (The Grand Opera House)
28 National Memorial Day Concert (Washington DC)
31 Guitars & Stars (Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack)

08 South Kentucky RECC (Somerset, KY)
09 6th Annual Scotty McCreery Fan Club Party (Grand Ole Opry)...
09 Grand Ole Opry (Nashville)
10 Chevrolet Riverfront Stage #CMAFest (Nashville)
17 Sioux Falls, SD (Prime Time Gala--Feeding South Dakota with Martina McBride)

14 Winneshiek Country Fair (Decorah, IA)
20 Meridian, MS (MSU Riley Center)
21 Beau Rivage (Biloxi, MS)

04 Garfield Country Fair & Rodeo (Rifle, CO)
05 Sweetwater County Fair (Rock Springs, WY) .
12 Boone County Fair (Belvidere, IL)
18 NW Washington Fair (Lynden, WA)
22 Western Idaho Fair (Boise, ID)
25 Peppermill Concert Hall (West Wendover, NV)

03 Portland, ME (Aura)


  1. Hi Donna.. Nice to see posting. Hope you and the other fans have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  2. hi Donna ,,,so glad your still here ! I'm getting so excited with all this Scotty news and New Album !!!!!! Its been A LONG WAIT !!!!

  3. Hi Kentucky girl. If you and any other fans want to go to YouTube and Type in Scotty Mccreery Holywood Christmas Parade 11/27/16 there are 4 videos of Scotty on the Red Carpet interviews and performing at the Concert. Be sure and Check it out. thanks, Bob

  4. here are some more videos that you can check out on Scotty in Hollywood,

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcwBWYSURDY also www.tvmusicnetwork.net/2016/11/vide...ccreery-at.html

    Thanks, Bob

  5. Greetings to all of you . Hope you had a chance to watch Scotty perform at the Hollywood Parade. He did great and as always looks great. He is so well dressed . Talk about Class. Just look at him.

    If you go to m.axs.com/3-best-moments-from-the-h...ade-2016-111807 and read about him.

    Hope you all have read that Scotty is now free from his Contracts with Idol and he will now be able to sign with a new label and also get his Music out . He said it has been a long year with all of this stuff going on but now he said FREEDEM I am finally Free. So happy for him I am sure it has been a hard road for him to have but I feel 2017 is now going to be a great year for him.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and hope your Holiday is great, Thanks, BOb

  6. So HAPPY for Scotty !!!!! FREE !!!! Its about time for Scotty to shine and it will be in 2017 !!!! He so deserves it !!!! MeRrY ChRiStMaS everyone and hope you Bob have a Very Blessed One !!!! MamaG I hope your ok ?

  7. Merry Christmas to all again and I hope you listened to Scotty singing Silent Night. So beautiful. What a voice. If you have not yet go and on the right side of page under the Tweets and click of Merry Christmas yall! Thanks, Bob

  8. Be sure and click on the RS Country over under the Tweets and listen to Scotty singing his part of the "Human Race" really enjoyable to see him and others doing the recording and having fun. Thanks, Bob

  9. Hi Bob !!! What's going on about our Scotty ? I thought he was suppose to have an album out this month or next ???? As I said before l'm not on facebook and haven't heard anything and I miss our Scotty !!! I hope he will be starting a tour this year !! Happy New Year !

  10. Hi Kentucky girl. Nice to finally read a post here. From what I have read on the Fan Buff site, Scotty is busy rehearsing now for his up coming shows that will be starting this Jan 27th at Billy Bob in Texas. He already has dates running thru Aug of this year so far. He will also be going to Hawaii, New Zealand. So every thing is moving along.

    The last I have read it was stated as you said Jan or Feb a New Single and album would be out. However I just read he just recorded another song for the album. I to hope to hear soon about all of this. I am sure all of this has been a very big trying time for our Scotty so we just have to be patient as I am sure we will all hear soon.

    He has been busing right now rehearsing for these up coming dates.

    Josh Hoge a songwriter just wrote "Pretty sure we just wrote the first "Baby making song" scotty has ever recorded Good thing he's grown up now!;} Wait til his female fans hear this!!!!! So it sounds like he is really busy getting this album done. Regards, BOb

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  12. Thanks Bob ! Woo that sounds like a good song to hear...can't wait. Ok I will try to be patient. Lol !!!! I still come to this site hoping to here something so thanks again Bob . If you hear any more news let me know, (I think l'm the only one here ) I wonder how MaMaG is...hope she's ok.

  13. Hi Kentucky girl I know you are patiently waiting for Scotty Music. so click on Scotty picture over on the right side under the Tweets and listen to hear what he has to say. Thanks, Bob

  14. Oh thanks Bob but I don't know how patient I've been lately lol !!!! Been a nervous wreck !!!! Now I know its going to be soon I can really get excited ! Wish it was tomorrow !!!

  15. Thanks Kentucky girl. hope you watched the video. So happy to see Scotty looking so excited. I am sure that this has been a hard road for him to go through. I have listen to other interviews and I am sure this has not been easy for him. Thanks, Bob

  16. Thanks Kentucky girl. hope you watched the video. So happy to see Scotty looking so excited. I am sure that this has been a hard road for him to go through. I have listen to other interviews and I am sure this has not been easy for him. Thanks, Bob

  17. Hi Kentucky girl Hope you have checked out Scotty time in Hawaii that is over under the tweet on this page. Also check out this great interview on " scotty mccreey interview on the time machine." which he did before his show in Maui. He will then be leaving from Hawaii to go to Aus/New Zealand for his concert March 4th. Hope you have a great day. Regards, Bob

  18. Thanks again Bob ! Scotty and Gabi look very happy together ! Hope you have a Blessed day !

  19. I don't know Bob they say "No news is good news" but its worrying me !!! SOON SOON they keep saying about Scotty's New single and album but its now March and "nothing"................I do miss him !!!!

    1. Hi there Kentucky girl. nice to hear from you. Hope you got to see and read the wonderful reviews videos of Scotty in New Zealand. So wonderful

      I know we have been told soon soon for New single. But we must be patient it is hard tho as we are so wanting that single. As his wonderful Manager Scott Stem just said that things are in the work. Scott Stem is doing so much for Scotty. Just look where he is now been in Hawaii, now New Zealand, They have been doing promo vidoes for the single of which I have heard Scotty stating that it would be 5MM It will be released to Radio and Television . Scott Stem is lining up all of this like the other label should have DONE look what they did with Southern Bell, NOT ONE PROMOTION AND DID NOTHING FOR SCOTTY. WE MUST KEEP IN MIND THAT IT WAS JUST LAST DECEMBER WHEN HE WAS FINALLY FREE WITH HIS MUSIC FROM IDOL AND ETC AND THEN RADIO AND NASHVILLE WAS A MONTH CHRISTMAS BRAKE. SCOTT STEM IS A VERY WELL KNOWN IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS AND FEELS AND SAYS SCOTTY IS A MEGASTAR AND THAT SOME THINGS CAN NOT BE TALK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AND AS SOON AS THEY CAN SAY THEY WILL SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS AND THINK WE WILL ALL BE BLOWN AWAY.


  20. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL !!! Have not heard any of this Bob so I'm very thankful that you keep me in the loop. Yes l was wondering about Southern Bell because l know the word to every song but that one because l never here it on the radio and that was a great song !!! I request his songs on the radio all the time ! No l haven't seen the reviews . Sounds good to me "MEGASTAR" ( that what he is to me already). Talk to you later Bob ... thank you again !!!

    1. Hi there Kentucky girl. Hope a is going well with you and any other fans that might read this.

      Just wanted say if you do not know, Scotty is in Vegas right now for the ACM Awards. He has had around 6 interviews . He will be performing also, playing golf for a cause and on the Red Carpet.

      GET READY. Thanks, Bob

    2. Hi again. I also wanted to mention. Hope you got to see or hear Scotty Performance at the Grand Ole Opry the other night 3/28 He sang 3 songs. When he sang 5MM he again got a Standing ovation from the Sold out crowd. This is 2nd Standing Ovation from the Grand Ole Opry. After Singing he received an award from state of North Carolina THE NORTH CAROLINA ORDER OF LONGLEAF PINE AWARD, IT IS THE HIGHEST AWARD A GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA CAN AWARD. THE AWARD IS FOR SCOTTY'S SERVICE TO NC FOR HIS COMMITMENT TO PHILANTHROPIC SERVICE

    3. Hi Kentucky. just wanted to let you know Scotty,s 5 MM will be out on this coming Friday the 5th. His label is Dagum Music and his Publishing Company is Dagum Publishings which is owned by him. Regards, Bob


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