Saturday, April 9, 2016

Scotty McCreery Idols- American Idol Season 15 Finale

Credit to: Elijah Zachary


  1. Donna. Thanks so much for posting the above Video of the American Idol Finale. It was so great watching it. They really did a wonderful job for the entire show. I was very impressed. So nice to see how much Scotty was involved. Him being front and center at the opening of the show and then when he performed Papa Loves Mama. When he come walking out and starting to sing, right then you see how he commands the stage. He has such presence and aware of the Cameras , talk about one person he is truly a Class act. So proud of him. Thanks, Bob, Portland, Oregon

  2. Hey all, How's everyone doing? Hope all is ok. I loved Scotty's performance the other night front and center, where he should be. Loved the song and he is so mature and you can tell he is right up there with the artists where he should be, but as we know he is one in a million. I loved the beginning where they all came out and he was front and center there, let's just say he just stands out, right? I cannot wait for his book he is doing so good on these interviews, he is so funny at times and the one he did the other day about her asking him if he was going to marry this girl, talking about Gabi, oh my goodness he was hilarious saying, well I live in the moment and that is down the road like doing his hands and it is so funny maybe someone can bring that over I don't know how or I would. Love that he is doing a book tour wish he was coming to Kentucky somewhere. I cannot wait to receive it in mail. Y'all take care and Thank You Donna for putting these videos on here. I just keep watching them over and over. I cannot believe its ending. well take care all, so glad your back Donna going to try this posting again idk what is happening on my end oh well we shall see, here goes. ILYTB Scotty

    1. I did it by name this time, yay!!!

  3. What an excellent performance !!!! He is so handsome ! Ordered my book also ,can't wait. Hope he sells a million copies !!!! Still wish he would get his CD out....but l know if you have been a Scotty fan since day 1 we will wait and always remain a fan !! Thanks Donna ! I do watch them over and over again. ILYTB !

  4. thanks Mama G and Kentucky girl for your wonderful comments. As you both stated and myself I do have to say again, He has grown up before our eyes into a Handsome Young Man. I have ordered 4 signed Books, one for myself and the other gifts for friends. I also am going to order his audio Book so I can play it in my car and at home. If you do not know it HE IS ACTUALLY IS THE ONE READING IT. WHAT A WONDERFUL VOICE TO HEAR HIM READING HIS BOOK. Thanks, Bob, Portland, Oregon


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