Saturday, June 6, 2015

Scotty McCreery Debuts New Music in Alabama Tonight - WHIPLASH

Credit to: Carey Ann Perkins- if you are on twitter give her a shout out & a big thank you @carey_on


carey ann†@carey_on 39m39 minutes ago
First new song here tonight called "Whiplash" so incredible
  33m33 minutes ago
No need to fear fellow McCreerians!!! I got the full Whiplash song and will be uploading it to my tumblr

Had a blast seeing my man do his thang you did amazing

You were AMAZING

My favorite from SYT...Carolina Eyes here at

Aerial shot from Show. Alabaster Cityfest thanks Sky Bama!

Hard to see, but large crowd here at ready for Have had a great…

7m7 minutes ago
Here at goes back to the beginning. ILYTB.
  11m11 minutes ago
Checking out . Dude puts on a hell of a show 
  10m10 minutes ago
Awesome night with at Alabaster City Fest with and 45, 000+ good friends!

8m8 minutes ago Alabaster, AL
on stage now at


  1. Whiplash sounds like a big hit song to me!!

  2. Really like that song, can't wait for the album. Thanks for these.

  3. OMG loving this song and Scotty you have some moves there, Ha Ha!!! This one will definitely be a crowd pleaser for sure they will be getting a whiplash. Cannot wait for the album!!! BIG HIT!!! ILYTB Scotty

  4. This is BIG .....REALLY BIG !!! I Love It ...and want some more of it !!!! You did it again Scotty !!! AWESOME !!!!!

  5. Thank for sharing!!!

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