Monday, April 20, 2015

Scotty McCreery Will Be Performing at the Ivester Amphitheater at the Atlanta Botanical Garden Gainesville

In addition to the Atlanta series, this year also introduces the Ivester Amphitheater at the Atlanta Botanical Garden Gainesville, which opens May 2.
That lineup will feature Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell (June 13); The Temptations (July 11); and Scotty McCreery (July 17).
Garden members can purchase tickets at a discounted rate starting April 24. Tickets will go on sale to the general public May 1. All tickets can be purchased at Garden Admissions and through
Shows begin at 8 p.m. (except the triple play on July 23, which begins at 7:30 p.m.) and all seating is general admission.

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  1. Hi ! Does anyone know where l can get Scotty's first CD (the one after he won AI with 5 songs on it ). I totaled my car and forgot to get his CD's out out of CD player. Heard Scottys CD is coming out in June.

  2. Hi Kentucky girl.. I thought I knew everything about Scotty, But, I did not know he had a first CD (the one after he won AI with 5 songs on it ) If you find out please let me know thanks, Bob

  3. Yes It had "Gone"...I Love You This Big...can't think of the other three but they are songs he sang on AI. If l find it I'll let you know. You take care Bob and l will be back in touch.

  4. Hey Bob l found it , the album is American Idol EP (Walmart Exclusive). Look up Scotty Mccreery CDS and this album will come up. it also has Amazed....River...and another one. Let me know if you find it.

  5. Oh No Kentucky Girl, hope you are ok. Yes I have that CD. Hope to find everyone doing ok here. I have not been on much . My brother passed away suddenly so its been a hard month. y'all take care!!!!! ILYTB Scotty

  6. Hi MamaG ! Thanks you, yes I'm better, It looks like its me, you and Bob on I guess the 3 of us can talk about Scotty. Did you see Scotty giving advice on this AI ? Can't wait to hear his new single which is suppose to be out soon. I re-order all his cds , miss hearing him sing. I am so so sorry abt your brother mamaG.... will keep you and his family in my prayers. Scotty ILYTB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank You so much yes please do. IDK where everyone is going I was going to the idolforum site to watch video's and stuff that everyone was putting up when they went to the concerts now It want even come up so I don't know what and where to go do either of you?

  7. Hi Kentucky girl and MamaG I am glad to hear you are better and thank you regarding Scotty CD with 5 songs. Also, MamaG I wood like to say I am so sorry that you lost your Brother and my Prayers are with you also. I know how all of this feels as I lost my Dear Wife of 48 years 7 years ago.
    IDK where everyone is going. I either go to idolfoum, Moms4scotty and mostly to and click on picture of Scotty and it takes you to the site. There actually has not been that many video of Scotty for one reason he has been so busy at the studio with working on the new single and working on his new album . If you go to click on the upper right side of the site under Scotty team and you scroll down and you can see more information. there is and interview with Fox and Friends, NY and also Sport illustration magazine. a wonderful interview so check it out.

    Hope this helps, Regards, Bob

  8. I am sorry but I meant to type Moms4McCreery not scotty. Thanks, Bob

  9. What is happening with this site? Miss the comments. We really need to support Scotty. There just aren't enough videos out there.


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