Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scotty McCreery - Talking Sports

Talking sports! Thurs 1pmET -Sports Illustrated's 30min daily talk show at Hmmm-which teams will come up?


Catch singer/songwriter Scotty McCreery talking sports, music and more LIVE tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 12, between 12:00-12:30 PM/CT on Sports Illustrated’s online show “SI Now” at
McCreery is a life-long New England Patriots fan and was onsite in Arizona when his favorite team won the Super Bowl earlier this year. The former high school baseball pitcher is also a die-hard North Carolina State supporter. It’s a safe bet that both the Patriots and NC State will come up in conversation when McCreery talks sports.

The Mercury Nashville / 19 / Interscope Records recording artist is currently writing songs and preparing to work on his upcoming third album. McCreery scored two consecutive Top 10 hits (“See You Tonight” and “Feelin’ It”) from his sophomore album See You Tonight, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. That album’s title song, co-written by the singer, was one of three singles from the “American Idol” champion that were certified Platinum by the RIAA in the same week (the other two being “The Trouble with Girls” and “I Love You This Big” from his Platinum-certified first album Clear as Day, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart). The ACM, CMT Music, ACA, and ICM Award winner will be performing at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida on Feb. 27 and the Sunrise Theater in Ft. Pierce, Florida on Feb. 28.  He will join Rascal Flatts on the road this summer beginning in May.


  1. I watched this interview and he was so cute talking about his hat bringing them Good Luck. Scotty does interviews so good and can answer any question that comes up, just an all American good guy. So glad him and his Dad got to go. Memories made for a life time. My husband before he passed away had a heart attack while we were in Florida one December and he promised our son he would take him to the Super Bowl because we were Big Colts ticket holders and we got permission from his doctor and we flew there. Him and his Dad went and I am so glad they got to go, they had the best time together it was just them two that went and my son who is 23 now will never forget the memories they made that day. He passed away with cancer and he has the pictures they made and for a Mom I am so glad they got to go:):):) Memories are forever!!!! ILYTB Scotty

  2. Thats really awesome MammaG. I'm glad for Scotty. Did anyone see Scotty on CMT HOT COUNTDOWN. ..he was ask a cute question. He was asked if he ever got hit in his - - - - before and he repeated the question and said yes l did. Glad to here your still here MamaG. wish others would comment. think its just me bob and you. Anyone going to a Scotty and Flatts concert?

  3. Hi from Bob. MamaG, Kentucky girl , still glad you are here. Did you watch the video of Scotty at the Charlie Wilson Concert where Scotty was invited on Stage and sing? I was also wondering where all the fans have gone and no more comments. Is Donna not around anymore? I do miss her so much.

  4. Thanks Kentucky Girl, and yes Bob I loved the Charlie Wilson concert Scotty did and the grin on his face looking at his family and friends and Gabi IDK if she was there but his face looked like it with that Big of a grin, Ha!!! Yes we are all still here and Idk where everyone went is there another site that they are going too? I love reading and watching the videos on here and I miss Donna, so Donna I hope you are doing ok and are not sick or anything just busy I hope. No Kentucky girl I'm not going to get to go but I would love to go see him with them but I am keeping my granddaughter which is almost 2 and if they would come to Nashville, or Evansville I would, go almost went to Louisville but had a death in Family so didn't get to go to that one when Scotty was there. Y'all take care and ILYTB Scotty.........

    1. MamaG. Idk where everyone has gone. the only other site that I go to is If you are interested or anyone else just type in then click on Scotty's picture and it will take you to the that site. I only go to this wonderful here and the fan buff.
      thanks, Bob


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