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Scotty McCreery Will Be in Concert at the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC in March

Scotty McCreery
Scotty McCreery
Scotty McCreery concert tickets for the show at House of Blues Myrtle Beach

Saturday 03/29/2014
Doors: 07:30 PM
Show: 08:30 PM
$29.00 - General Admission Standing Ticket
$32.00 - Day of Show GA Standing Ticket
$55.50 - Reserved Seat LOGE 1
$60.50 - Reserved Seat LOGE 2
$65.50 - Reserved Seat LOGE 3
$70.50 - Reserved Seat LOGE 4
Ages: all

House of Blues Myrtle Beach
4640 Highway 17 S.
N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
(843) 272-3000

Scotty McCreery and The Beach Boys Join Indian Ranch's Aug 2014 Lineup Read more about Scotty McCreery and The Beach Boys Join Indian Ranch's Aug 2014 Lineup

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Indian Ranch in Webster, MA announced today Scotty McCreery will return to the lakeside concert venue on Saturday, August 2 at 2PM and The Beach Boys will perform live in concert on Sunday, August 17 at 2PM and. Both shows go on-sale Wednesday, January 15th at 10AM.
In just over two years, Scotty McCreery has become one of country's hottest rising stars. His platinum-selling debut album, Clear As Day, made Billboard history and helped him win several new artist awards. With his follow-up release See You Tonight, as well as his previous work, his bass voice and an irresistible sound create the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional country. As evidenced by the crowds at Indian Ranch, McCreery has become a favorite of all ages because of the universal appeal of his music, warmth, and all-American values.

Guest DJ: Scotty McCreery

Posted Thursday, January 9th 2014 @ 12am  by Nicole Mastrogiannis
Since winnning "American Idol" a few years ago, Scotty McCreery's country music career has gone full-steam ahead! The country star recently released his second artist album See You Tonight this past fall.
Scotty tells iHeartRadio, "I’m glad it’s finally out there for the fans to hear and fans to hear more than just what’s on the radio, they can hear all the songs. So, I’m pumped about it and hopefully the fans are all digging it."
Amidst putting together his album and performing, Scotty is enrolled in college too! How does the NC State student balance his career and education? He says, "College is hard for anybody, so you know, put that on top of a tour and recording artist - it makes it pretty tough!"
[Buy See You Tonight on iTunes]
Scotty teamed up with iHeartRadio when he was in New York City recently to Guest DJ a radio station that represents his personal taste. Check out his favorite tracks below!
1. "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner
Josh Turner is one of my favorite all time artists and “Long Black Train” is my favorite song of all time. It’s just an inspirational song – you listen to it and you think about life, and everything going on. Josh has a way with putting his thoughts into a song and that’s a pretty special song so, I dig it.
2. "Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis
Growing up I was a die hard Elvis fan. I still am – like I didn’t listen to much besides Elvis and old country. It’s tough to choose a favorite Elvis song because there’s so many of them but “Blue Suede Shoes” is probably up there on the top for me.
3. "Hello Darlin" by Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty – Yeah he is the man. Like I said, I listen to Elvis and old school country and Conway was definitely one of the guys I listened to. “Hello Darlin’” is just a cool song – it’s one of those things as soon as he starts the lyric in the song you know exactly which one it is, so it’s a cool one.
4. "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" by Charlie Wilson
This is one you wouldn’t expect from me, but I heard this one the radio once traveling with another family. And this was before like Shazam or anything, so I wrote down the title real quick so I could find it on the computer when I got back. It’s just a smooth song. It’s not country, it’s not rock – its R&B soul and I got a place for that on my iPod, so I love it.
5. "Letter To Me" by Brad Paisley
Yeah, this song – I had the chance to tour with Brad all last year and this song – I’d be standing by the soundboard and he’d come out there and sing it to the crowd in the back. And just the lyric in the song, I guess at my point in life I’m still pretty young, so the lyric kind of relates to me growing up and everything. It’s just a really cool thought behind the song and a really cool message in there for sure.
6. "Choices" by George Jones
Yeah, George Jones – This is one of his older, or newer songs. He did it when he was older, but it’s just a great song. George Jones, in my opinion, is one of the greatest country voices of all time. So, had to throw in a George Jones song for sure.
7. "Carolina" by Eric Church
This song reminds me of home and I’m from just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina and I think it’s kind of one of those Carolina anthems. So everybody knows this song back where I’m from and it’s just one of those songs that takes you back whenever you’re gone for a long time.
8. "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard
Merle Haggard, yeah this another song that I just – if you can’t tell I love the old school country! Merle’s definitely a legend, so “Mama Tried” was one of his biggest hits and it’s one of my favorites, so had to include it on the list.
9. "If You’re Reading This" by Tim McGraw
This song is powerful and I don’t think he ever really recorded this song, but he did it a live performance at an awards show. It was a really – just a special, powerful message and song. You listen to the lyrics and kind of, it’s a tear jerker a little bit, so it’s just one of my all time favorites from him.
10. "Run" by George Strait
Had to include the King of Country Music on the list; George Strait - he has so many number ones, the most of any artist in any genre, so it’s tough to choose just one. “Run” is one of my favorites. I’ve got plenty more but it’s just a really cool song about the King.

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