Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Was An AWESOME Year for Scotty McCreery

A friend and a huge Scotty supporter, Melissa, has taken the time to put together a video highlighting Scotty's 2014 journey. She has given me permission to post it here on Fans of Scotty for fellow McCreerians to enjoy. Thank you Melissa for sharing this with all of us here at Fans of Scotty.
click on the link below to view the video

 brylissa23's video on Photobucket


  1. Melissa, thank so much for this video I enjoyed so much. Could you please tell me the name of the Song that Scotty is singing at the beginning of the Video>

    Thanks so much, Bob, Portland,Oregon

  2. Bob, the song is "This is That Night" off of his deluxe edition See You Tonight album. :)

  3. Melissa thanks for the great video of our Scotty !!! I love that song which could have been a single like so many others on "See You Tonight". That album was AMAZING !!! Hi Bob ! Hope 2015 is even a greater year for Scotty. Many Many Blessings this year Scotty !!!


  4. Thanks for the info regarding the song "This is That Night" Scotty sounds so great . This song I thought really showed his range and when he hits those low notes is all you can say is WOW. Thanks again .

    Also Hi to you Kentucky girl.

  5. Thanks Melissa for doing this video for us, loved it and I love that song. Play it all the time and Yes it does show his range and I love the music to the song. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and glad Scotty got to enjoy it with his family, Gabi and all his friends, Thanks Donna and all who posted videos and all kinds of things on here about Scotty this year because he has had a Great Year and 2015 will be a Big one for him, I can feel it !!!!! Thanks again y"all.....


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