Monday, August 4, 2014

Scotty McCreery's Single Feelin It rises to 30 on the charts

Scotty McCreery's summertime hit "Feelin' It" rises 33 to 30, achieving a new peak position in its 16th week on Country Airplay. "Feelin' It" also breaks into the top 30 on Hot Country Songs, inching up 31 to 30.


  1. Way to go Scotty!!!!!!!!! Love this song.

  2. Great summer song!

  3. Yay Scotty, proud of your new song. I am loving it and these videos on here I could watch all day long they are the best one's of this concert. loving how you are moving , dancing and just feeling the songs and singing them from your heart. Your band is so Good loving how you all have fun together. I cannot wait to see you again, hoping I could go to Louisville, Ky. but its not working out but maybe by then it will. I love Donna and everyone taping you and sharing them here with us. A GREAT BIG Shout OUT to whoever shares them with us here, THANK YOU!!!! Proud of You Scotty and I have been voting my fingers off on all these polls for you but honestly it doesn't move what's up with that I wonder I even wrote it down form the time before and it like goes down instead of up. Hang in there Scotty we McCreerians are so proud of you!!!! ILYTB

  4. Replies
    1. Has there been any video or other information about scotty mccreery . Have not seen anything from Donna for a few days?


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