Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scotty McCreery At Indian Ranch

Credit to: Janice Gubbins Credit to: daniiirouuu


  1. Thanks Janice for the videos! Just Love them !!!! Its seems like voting on the TOC videos someone has figured out the % to have DB stay at top while Scotty 's % to go down by voting for all the videos at a Vote certain time, OK Scotty fans I know someone can figure this out so let us know....YOU CAN DO THIS. Vote at 12 pack also.

  2. I sure get tired of people on here claiming it's a conspiracy every time Scotty isn't ahead. They never have a problem when he's winning. I'm a true Scotty fan and vote all the time for him, but we need to understand that other artists also have fans, and they vote too.

    Scotty is #2 on Great American Country Top 20 videos, and Danielle dropped from #5 to #7 this past week. No one is complaining about that. When you can only vote once per day, we're beating her.

    I don't think Scotty would approve of all the negativity about the votes. Let's support him, and the ideals he stands for and realize that he isn't going to win each and every contest, even if we want him to.

    On another note, sure happy he's figured out a way to include Carolina Moon in live concerts, it's such a great song. Now we just need to figure out how to get more albums sold. I think plenty of sales of the first album came from Brad Paisley fans who weren't really familiar with Scotty until hearing him when they went to see Brad. Then they realized..WOW, this kid can sing!

    Love this young man like my own grandson and wish him all the best. He's truly a gift from God.

  3. I was at Indian Ranch and it was an awesome concert. He keeps getting better and better and his band, Dry Country is amazing!

  4. I Love these videos. They are the best I have seen. He is just getting better and better.He has grown so much with everything seeing the difference with these moves loving them, and with telling the story with him getting into each song its like OMG and even where his added all of the hand stuff with each song its just Amazing watching each move . Love these videos Thank You for sharing them with us , Donna:):):)

  5. Thanks Janice for Sharing them. I Love these videos. He is getting better, better every day. Just love it that he write"s Gabi name in the sky in I Love You The Big. Sooo Sweet. That just shows you how much he loves her. Amazing video's. Love him tons. Thanks Donna for putting them on here.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the video's. I love it when I can come to this site and see them. As for Gabi if she is Scotty girlfriend then that is ok to write her name but if she is a friend like he has said all along and just doing that because he doesn't want the real one to be seen; like he said, he wanted to keep that part of his life pravite, then I would be really upset if I were them. I from the old school. Just saying. I am no.1 fan Love Scotty. Congradulation on all you have done and stay true to yourself and all things are coming your way. LYTB Grandmother from Texas


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