Sunday, July 6, 2014

Videos of Scotty McCreery's Concert Over The 4th of July Weekend

Credit to: Samira Choueiri          
                               Credit to: Christine_143                                   
                                                         Credit to: Sue Otto                                                                      
                         Credit to: Adrienne Day

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  1. Great as usual. But I am concerned about something. It seems that who ever produces Scotty's music video is making the same mistake as before. Took way too long for the See You Tonight video to come out and now the same is happening with the Feelin it video. Every day that goes by with out the video makes the chances of Feelin making it to the top ten less likely. Like I said before the video should be released the same time as the single is released. I can't believe scotty is making the same mistake again. This is very frustrating for all his fans that want Scotty to achieve greatness that he deserves. Feelin it is a summer song. Can't release the video in the fall and expect it to give a huge boost to the song that was release in the late spring. Why has his manager let this happen? I am a huge Scotty fan and I am sure I am not the only one that is frustrated over this. Release this video like the title of his first song of the album, NOW!


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