Monday, June 9, 2014

Scotty McCreery's See You Tonight featured on Now That's What I Call Country Volume 7

Scotty McCreery's See You Tonight  is featured as the 15th track on Now That's What I Call Country Volume 7.  You can purchase your copy of the popular country compilation by following the links below:




  1. I got mine,and the one before this one which he was on,I love it..

  2. Congrats Scotty !!!! Now they will sell twice as many with Scotty Mccreery songs on that Volume 7 .

  3. Yes they will Kentucky Girl, its really a good one got mine yesterday and with Scotty on it it just makes the whole thing better, Yay Scotty so glad they included your "baby" on there as you say, Ha!!!!! LOVE IT his just so cute with his words his totally like my own son. Oh my goodness cannot wait for his Video it looks like its going to be so good!!!! ILYTB Scotty


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