Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Videos of Scotty McCreery's Recent Concerts

Videos from BYU Idaho 4-26-14 Credit to: ramandaxr1

                               Video from Springfield, OH Credit to: Emma Beauty

              Credit to: Becky Weitzel - Lima, Ohio


  1. Thank you Donna and each of you that takes the video's of Scotty for putting it on the sites. I love coming to the site's to see and hear everything that we can about Scotty. I am so thankful that Scotty and his friends are all right and I know this is going to take time to" really be alright." I have been so sick over this happening to Scotty. He is such a special person and is loved by each of his fans I think more than he really knows. Thank God for always being with them and especially in time of trouble." God is good". LYTB Scotty, another grandmother from Texas

    1. Me Too Pat, I was Worry sick worry about him. I hope his nightmare"s are going away.... he is always on my mind... He is so Special to all of us, cause he is so much Loved by each of us. We don't Want anything bad happen to our Scotty. I am praying real hard that he is really Alright.. It is going to take some time for him to be over it for good. The person that we should be thanking is GOD to be taking care of him." God is Good" ILYTB Scotty

  2. Thanks for videos donna !!! Scotty you and your friemds are in all our prayers. Yes this will be on there minds for a long time. Vote at Country Whuppin..Scotty vs. Danielle

  3. Thank You Donna and each of ya'll for what ya'll do putting video's and stuff for us to see on this site. It's great to come here and check out news and stuff on Scotty. He is still our Scotty and always will. that had to scare ya'll too what happen to him too. He is so important to all of us. ILYTB Scotty Forever.


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