Monday, May 12, 2014

Pictures & Video from Scotty McCreery's performance at Country in The Park

Credit to: Mbariket TV

Leon DeSimone ‏@LeonDFoto 3 min
Country in the Park with Scotty McCreery
 Click on the link below to see some GREAT pictures of Scotty


  1. Thank you so much for the video's and the pictures they were all so good !!! Love coming here to see all of them of Scotty!!! Thank You WKDQ Radio (John and Lesley) mentioning Scotty being on idol tonight they played See you Tonight and said if your a fan of Scotty be sure and watch idol tonight he will be performing so I was so Happy I heard it. Their radio station has also been playing Feelin It, heard it yesterday in my car. Yay!!! Can't wait to see him on idol. ILYTB

  2. I just bought Feelin It on i tunes for $1.29. Please buy tonight, as since Scotty was just on AI I am hoping it makes the top 100 sales on i tunes. janfan

  3. Feelin it is now up to #38 in i tune sales as of 3 AM!

  4. Just love Feelin It. Thank you for the Video & for the Picture's.

  5. Love the Picture's so much. & The video of him singing I Love you this big. Just love him so much. He's a Darling.


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