Monday, May 5, 2014

Breaking News: Scotty's friend's Apartment invaded

Edit: I wanted to post the tweet from Scotty - Donna Embedded image permalink
Scotty was At a friends apartment early this Morning when the Apartment was invaded and held at gunpoint


  1. I have been sick over this happening to you Scotty and your friends. I am so very thankful that no-one was hurt and I know God and his angles were there with you.. I just hope the guy's are caught before something bad happens to some-one. Just know Scotty that you are blessed and your fans are VERY VERY glad you and your friends are alright. Take care and be careful. They are a lot of bad people out there that just don't care about other's... I pray a lot for your safety... LYTB Another grandmother from Texas

  2. I am so thankful that Scotty and his friends are alright! Such a frightening experience! I just wish there were not so many people who know where Scotty lives and have published that info in various places. Now that he is famous he and his family need to be very careful to maintain their privacy and safety. I know he wants to live as normal a life as possible but he needs to be very cautious. The news reports say that this happened while he was at a friends apartment. I wonder if he could have been followed. It seems strange that they would randomly pick an apartment where he and a group of friend were at. Such a terrible thing to have happen. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his friends. I hope they catch those responsible.

  3. Scotty so Thankful you and your friends are safe and ok. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, your friends, and Family. May God wrap his loving arms around each and everyone of you and keep you safe. We Love you Scotty and Please be careful out there in this Big Ole World!!! Love and Prayers!!! IILYTB

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