Sunday, April 27, 2014

Videos of Scotty McCreery Clovis, CA Concert

Sorry these are late getting posted - I promise my life might be slowing down here in the next couple weeks and I will do my best to keep the site updated daily. Donna

Once again Doug Fields has recorded some awesome videos of Scotty - Thank you Doug for allowing me to share these with everyone at Fans of Scotty.


  1. Thanks for sharing these with Fans of Scotty. It was a great show. Linda and I loved it! Just hoping the full show comes back to California with all the multimedia things they couldn't do at the rodeo. Thanks for all you do Donna!

  2. OMG I wish I could have been there. Amazing Show loved these videos Doug and Donna thanks for all you do for us here at FANS OF SCOTTY. I feel like I was there and Scotty you were on fire and your band sounded Amazing and I love how your band is smiling and moving around and you can tell your all having fun. I hope you now have this band for a long time because they are all wonderful looks like they all are enjoying being there and get along and Scotty you have grown so much. I have watched these all day . I am so Happy that I have watched you Scotty from the start and finally got to meet you at the Ryman. I am so proud of you and I know your parents are so Happy for you. You are doing so Great and moving on up as you say ITS ALL GOOD and I believe you are going to be #1 soon because Hey we already think it here. You KILLED IT, these videos were Amazing!!!!! Again Thank You Doug and Donna!!!!! ILYTB

  3. I have missed everyone on here lately, am I missing something is there another site I need to be going too???? Just wondering. I'm loving these video's though!!! ILYTB Scotty!!

  4. Thanks Donna and Doug.....GREAT VIDEOS. After seeing these I can"t wait to see Scotty at KY. DERBY on friday. Is there no video with FEELIN IT ? Didn"t know you could have a single without a video. If this is the case Scotty should have alot of SINGLES from See You Tonight. Donna do you know how all this works ? Keep requesting FEELIN IT. Haven't gone to another site, Donna does a GRREAT job maybe alot of people on FB and Twitter ?

    1. Yes Donna does do a Great job. Love these videos. Kentucky girl glad your getting to go to the Ky. Derby hope you have a blast which I know you will its Scotty :):):) I don't know what I would do she is the best getting all these video's on here I watched them over and over again. He just has gotten so good with these Tour's. I got to see him at the Ryman and was hoping to go to Louisville but it didn't work out. Hey Have Fun!!!!

  5. Hop on over to taste of country Scotty on a poll for best song,he's up against Jon Pardi..we were ahead at 11 o"cock,but not by much...You can vote every goes until Friday..Please don't forget to vote for Scotty..Thanks.

  6. Were behind ,and thepoll is just getting started,tell your friends,and let's get going on the toc poll.

  7. Hey y'all go to WKDQ 99.5 Country Whoopin and vote for Scotty he is with Zac Brown Band and they are really close GO VOTE Please!!!! His won every one of them so far we want him to win this one he is close to winning Hall Of Fame on Feelin It, his got to win this one :):):) ILYTB


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