Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scotty McCreery will be in OKC on June 28th

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  1. Scotty that's Awesome your going to be there at Oklahoma. Love it that your getting to go all these different places you can get so many fan's that way. YAY!!!!! Hey I noticed that Scotty was still on CMT Hot 20 why did they take him off if we can't vote I noticed that they said Danielle had the longest run on Hot 20 but they didn't leave Scotty on there long wonder why? I just noticed he was #13 how do we vote? I voted all the time on CMT and GAC he was #1 forever. I just wish they left him on there since they still had him on there he can't get votes right or not some where else. OK I'm done now wondering . Scotty love your video with your hat on backwards this weekend you sang FEELIN IT so good and Trouble with Girls, love it when you put your feel on these songs live!!!!! ILYTB


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