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Scotty McCreery Releases New Single, ‘Feelin’ It’

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By Gayle Thompson April 2, 2014 3:00 PM  

Scotty McCreery has released the second single from his No. 1 album, ‘See You Tonight.’ The new tune, ‘Feelin’ It,’ sounds like the perfect anthem to welcome in the summer season.
Ain’t nothin’ like diggin’ that summertime / Diggin’ in the sand, gettin’ tan / With your hand in my hand / I’m feelin’ it / Oh yeah, I’m feelin’ it,” is bound to put listeners in the mood for warm weather and carefree summer nights.
But while the 20-year-old might sing that “Cutoffs are cuttin’ / Worry ‘bout nothin’ / But puttin’ something in my cup (feelin’ it),” in the uptempo single, chances are, in real life it’s just going to be soda in his cup this summer. McCreery, a devout Christian, says he won’t be imbibing while crossing the country on his See You Tonight Tour.
“The road is a fun place and it’s a great place to get out there and explore the country,” he notes. “But as far as the road life with the ‘rock and roll temptations,’ there’s not much of that with me … luckily I’ve got a great group of guys in my band, we don’t usually face the temptations that you see in the old rock style kind of folks.”
The first single from McCreery’s sophomore album, which was also the title track, became his third single that was certified gold, indicating sales in excess of 500,000 units. But the North Carolina native says he carefully chose each song on his latest record, regardless of whether it had potential as a single.
“If I put a song on the record, it’s because I thought it had a point and a meaning to it,” he explains. “I’m excited to hear what some of the reactions are to some of these songs because they’re a little different, you know? We’ve got some new feels and some different topics we’re hitting on this record, so it’ll be cool.” McCreery’s See You Tonight Tour is headed to Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Minnesota. See all of his upcoming shows here.

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