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Scotty McCreery More Than Just A Country Star

Idol winner juggles the music scene and college life at North Carolina State Unv
By Scotty McCreery

Female fans across the country scream his name at concerts. His sophomore album, “See You Tonight,” was his second consecutive No. 1 album debut, following his 2011 release, “Clear as Day.” The video for “See You Tonight” spent an impressive 11 weeks at No. 1 on GAC’s fan-voted Top 20.  Oh, and of course he won the 10th season of American Idol, making him the first winner born in the 1990s.
If the name of this young powerhouse escapes you, you may have been living under a rock since 2011.

Country musician Scotty McCreery will be performing at the Health and Sports Center Thursday, April 10. The concert is organized by the Loper Programming & Activities Council (LPAC). Courtesy Photo
Country musician Scotty McCreery will be performing at the Health and Sports Center Thursday, April 10. The concert is organized by the Loper Programming & Activities Council (LPAC).
Courtesy Photo

While Scotty McCreery is known for accomplishments throughout his young career, he is more than what meets the eye.  Last October, McCreery released his sophomore album “See You Tonight.” McCreery was able to be more involved in the whole process and says that he is happy they had more time to work than for his first album and he is happier with and proud of “the music and the sound that we got on the record.”

His first album, “Clear as Day” was released after only three or four months. He said “See You Tonight” was molded to perfection for over a year and a half, and fans are responding to the lyrics.
McCreery had a hand in writing many of the songs. While many artists choose to write solo, McCreery said he loves to co-write with other people. “I love to be in the room with other people who have ideas to make a song better,” he said.

McCreery earned his first Top 10 tune with the lead single and title track “See You Tonight” which he co-wrote.  In spite of the country star lifestyle spotlighted so often in the news and always hanging on him, McCreery says he is actually a pretty laid back guy. On tour he says he doesn’t get caught up in “all the humbug” and is pretty chill. He looks forward to simple pleasures, a couple rounds of golf and some time with friends.  “In the summer we have a sweet setup outside,” McCreery said about his “backyard barbecue” atmosphere outside the bus: a TV, big ‘ol grass mat, chairs and a cooler with a game of Cornhole to pass the time.  When all the hustle and bustle gets to McCreery, he likes to just be a regular guy again. McCreery says that he feels he is in the right place in the world. “This is what I’m put here to do, so I am enjoying it all,” McCreery said.

McCreey said he goes by the philosophy that everything in life happens for a reason. He can wish things were different and look back and wonder what in the world he was doing as a 17-year old Idol competitor, but all he wants to do is learn and grow. Even looking back at his first taste of the American Idol lifestyle doesn’t faze him.  “Everybody has those awkward teenage years; I guess I was just going through them in front of 12 million people a night. But I would change nothing,” McCreery said.

As if being a full-time country star wasn’t enough work for McCreery, he is also a college student at North Carolina State University. McCreery was a full time student for the first three semesters of college, but has pulled back this semester to promote the album.  McCreery says it’s all about priorities. “Instead of playing Xbox on the bus, you gotta pick up a pen and paper or computer and start writing,” McCreery said. McCreery believes he was really good in the beginning, but as college went on and got tougher he had to slow down and “re-work” his time management.

McCreery is a role model and even a beacon of hope for young people trying to make their own dreams come true. He says that young people need to keep fighting for their dreams, to work every day and really try.  McCreery doesn’t want future success to just be a dream for other young people, but a reality. His strongest piece of advice for young people looking to fulfill their dream is to be unique. “Everybody’s unique, you just gotta show folks what is different about you. Nobody wants a copycat. Work hard and be different. Be you,” McCreery said.

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