Friday, April 4, 2014

Scotty McCreery Misses Out On the Red Sox White House Visit

Scotty McCreery
(Photo : Interscope Records)
Scotty McCreery
As a country music star, Scotty McCreery probably gets more perks than the average Joe, but that doesn't mean that he gets everything that he wants and it certainly doesn't mean that he never has to face major disappointments in life. Take this week for example - Scotty is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. For years now, the winners of the World Series get to go to the White House and meet the president the following season. Since the Sox won last year, that meant they were heading to DC and McCreery and his dad (also a lifelong fan) had invites to be there. When the two arrived at the airport for their early flight, they ran into trouble ... no pilot to fly the plane!

 Had this been a small, local charter company, one might understand how one missing pilot could cause a flight to be cancelled with no available alternatives, but their flight was on American Airlines! When it became that the father and son weren't going to make it to the capital in time to be a part of the event, Scotty shared his disappointment on Twitter. He tweeted, "Woulda been at the White House today to celebrate the Red Sox World Series Championship, but @AmericanAir captain decided not to show up…"

The airline responded with, "@scottymccreery Our apologies for the inconvenience, Scotty. Please DM your six letter record locator and we'll see if we can help."

Sadly, all of the help their reps could offer at that point was mute because he had missed his window. McCreery replied, "@AmericanAir nope, nothing you can do. Had to be at the White House gates no later than 10:15. No free tix will help this either… thanks…" followed by, "As upset/mad as i’ve been in a long time…"

While fans shared their displeasure with the airline, another country music star, Taylor Swift, shared her thoughts (making one wonder if she hasn't had a bad experience with American herself). She tweeted, "@ScottyMcCreery ONLY FLY DELTA."

So instead of being on-hand to see David Ortiz, the World Series MVP, taking a selfie with the President, Scotty went and played golf with three friends to enjoy the beautiful spring day.

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