Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pictures of Scotty McCreery's Concert at Sea World

Sorry these are so late in getting posted

Dave Thomas e-mailed me pictures he took at Sea World to share with all of Scotty's fans. All we ask is if you choose to use any of Mr. Thomas's pictures to please give him credit.


  1. Thanks Dave and Donna for posting the picture's !!!! love the picture's. Thanks Dave for taking the
    picture's so we all could see them. So glad that Ya'll went ahead to seaworld. So Scotty could perform for his fans in Orlando. So happy that Scotty and ya'll had a great time. Love you so :))

    1. I have watched a video of Scotty singing write my number on your hand at this concert and then signing the hands, but now I have not find it again. HOPEFULLY SOMEONE CAN FIND THE VIDEO AGAIN.. HE WAS SIGNING THE FANS HANDS AND THEN STEPPED DOWN OFF THE STAGE AND SIGNED SOME ON THE OFTHER FANS HANDS/


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