Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Concerts for Scotty McCreery's See You Tonight Tour

Concerts Announced For Berrien County Youth Fair

Michael Arney Reporting

The Grandstand acts for this summer's Berrien County Youth Fair are some of the biggest in years. American Idol winner Scotty McCreery will headline on Wednesday, August 13. He won the 10th season of the Fox show and has won best new artist awards from the CMT Awards, American Country Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards. The fair's entertainment director Mark Young says McCreery will be followed on Thursday, August 14 by 90s country star Travis Tritt.

Grand Ole Opry - March 14th


  1. Oh MY! Have ya'll seen Scottys new Elvis moves! WOW! Our boy can move! I would post the video links, but dont want to without permission from folks :) Mar 2, 2014 - Saenger Theatre, Pensacola FL
    ALSO there are new photos of Scotty wearing Elvis' gold sunglasses
    in a new photography book called "Shades of Elvis" by Christopher Ameruoso and Priscilla Presley!

  2. Oh, one more thing...saw this out in Internet land :)

    "Judge Jennifer Lopez acknowledges Scotty's success during Season 10 in her comments to Dexter Roberts (Fayette AL) following his Season 13 March 5, 2014 performance of "Lucky Man" (Montgomery Gentry):

    "You know, I think back to my first season when Scotty McCreery won [SCREAMS in audience!], and remembering he had such a specific kind of voice. He had a country voice, and it was a low tone, very deep, but every week he came out and did a song that just was so him but at the same time just surprised us in some way, and that's what I think that you have to do, Dexter, and you did do it with that song."

  3. Yes it was a GREAT comment from jlo . I watch his journey on AI Top 13 yesterday and Scotty did bring it every week. Randy said so many times "I feel like I'm at a "Scotty Concert" and Jlo comment was "Your A STAR ". And we all know what Steven said haha I got so teary eye watching him sing and also the feedback from the judges. Amazing journey and still going strong !!! SO PROUD TO BE A BIG FAN OF SCOTTY. WE ARE BLESS !! On TOC Scotty was #1 for almost 4 months and now he's retired. WAY TO GO SCOTTY AND FANS !! Still #8 at mediabase. Request request ! On CMT he went up 1 so vote til weds. Voting important to get NO.1 ! He's N0. 15

  4. Did Ya'll know he is moving to Nashville sooner, then later. I don't know when? I don't know if it was him or one of his fans that is doing facebook or another web site told it facebook. Yes he did make us all proud Season 10 of Idol. You are so right Kentucky girl WE ARE ALL SO BLESS. I AM SO PROUD TO BE A BIG FAN OF SCOTTY. it has been a totally Amazing Journey and our boy is stronger then ever. I saw that performance of Dexter of him during that song and he killed it. cause I been watching every week. That picture is one of my favorite picture's of him. I just love it when he is Smiling in a picture. don't he just make's you smile he does me. when I think about him he just puts a smile on me. ILYTB FOREVER !!!!!

  5. MaMaG you ok ? Haven.t seen any posting. Want to let you know Scotty's going to be at The Ky Derby festival May 2. I might be going to see him there. Only a little over a hour away. Anyone else going /

  6. Taste of country has a new poll ,vote for the best young buck,,Scotty is ahead ,but ca use some votes,,There are eight in this competition ,..Let's get this,so go start voting.

  7. Scotty is down on # 0f spins on mediabase so please start requesting his songs to radio stations. I hope he does well on CMT HOT COUNTDOWN this weekend.

  8. McCreerians go over to country cuties and vote for Scotty he is behind Kip Moore, go VOTE, VOTE, AND VOTE for Scotty. Kip Moore got 54% and Scotty have 46%. LET'S GO.


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