Monday, February 3, 2014

See You Tonight reaches top 15, a career high for Scotty!

As per the Monday Mediabase update for the week of January 27- February 2, See You Tonight is now sitting at number 13! This makes it a career high for Scotty!

Scotty McCreery:
“See You Tonight”: ^13 Country (18)



  1. YAY< YAY YAY< loved seeing this. Congrats Scotty and you will be #1 soon. So very proud for you and that is just going to be one because you have so many good ones on this Album. Can't wait to see which one is next, less get this one to #1. ILYTB

    1. How great. now only 3 spot to get to Top 10. so proud of you Scotty and a big Congrats to you,

      Also Congrats to you for being Named National Goodwill Ambassador for the 12.14 Foundation, Newton, Ct. THEY COULD NOT HAVE ASKED EVERYONE MORE DESERVING THAN YOU.

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  2. Oh Scotty YOU ARE SO ON YOUR WAY RIGHT TO THE TOP. You and your team are working so hard, keep it up, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD !!! ILYTB ! Keep requesting.................


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