Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scotty McCreery's See You Tonight is #11 one MediaBase Charts today!

 Steady as she goes . . .  Top 10 here we come yes.gif party.gif clap.gif thumbup.gif spaz.gif ohyeah.gif

Credit to: dusty_125125 on IDF

2 1 LUKE BRYAN Drink A Beer 7368 7105 263 60.148
4 2 COLE SWINDELL Chillin' It 7051 6885 166 56.869
5 3 JASON ALDEAN When She Says Baby 6984 6335 649 56.501
3 4 DAVID NAIL Whatever She's Got 6396 6763 -367 54.265
1 5 ERIC PASLAY Friday Night 6106 7343 -1237 48.849
6 6 LADY ANTEBELLUM Compass 6155 5659 496 49.260
8 7 FRANKIE BALLARD Helluva Life 5109 4444 665 41.974
7 8 THOMPSON SQUARE Everything I Shouldn... 5186 4610 576 40.986
10 9 BLAKE SHELTON Doin' What She Likes 4892 4301 591 41.810
9 10 DIERKS BENTLEY I Hold On 4789 4273 516 40.356
16 11 SCOTTY MCCREERY See You Tonight 4454 3949 505 36.384
11 12 RANDY HOUSER Goodnight Kiss 4506 4129 377 36.562



  1. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER !!!!!! (think i"m gonna cry ). WAY TO GO SCOTTY ! CONGRATS ! also to his fans. I LOVE YOU THIS BIG !!!!

  2. If anyone hasn't down loaded see you tonight the single ,or if you have any friends get them to purchase it let's get that Gold..He was at 19 this afternoon on the i-tunes chart,and he went back to 25..It seems every time he moves up on there the other fans start buying there artist to pass him out..him...grrr.let's keep him up there

  3. Love It, Love it, I am so proud of him. Can't wait to see you at the Ryman next week and Donna I may finally get to meet this second son of mine they laugh at me at home for saying that ,but I feel as most of you all do, that his our child. Boy Judy , he has a lot of Mom's and Grandmothers Ha!!! Thanks for sharing him with us. Hope I get to meet them too but I didn't get Email but I called and they said to go to call room so that's what I'm going to do and hopefully I will finally meet him. Donna I'm going to tell him you gave him a note at the N,C. signing that I wrote on here which I didn't know till you got back but that meant a lot to me after losing my husband and lighting a candle every year in honor of him at the RELAY for Life I made a copy of it to keep, Thank You Again. but he probably want remember but even if I just get a pic with him well that's fine with me because I know there's going to be a lot of people. Yay I can't Wait!!! Well let's get him up there next week closer to # 1. ILYTB Scotty

    1. Have fun Seeing Scotty Tuesday Night MamaG. I know you will. Tell us about it
      either on Tuesday night after the concert or Wednesday. and try to take some picture's.
      or get the person sitting be side you to take them for you. We all just Love Scotty
      to pieces, don't We.

  4. Hey Donna and it's Hailey!! Just so happy for Scotty and hope your all doing well. :)

  5. Me Too So Happy for our Scotty. Way To Go!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
    I Love You This Big Forever!!!! Make's me want to cry. So Proud of U!!


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