Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scotty McCreery Will Be at Gillioz Theatre, Springfiled, MO Tonight - SOLD OUT

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 In 2010, American fell in love at first sight with McCreery, then a shy 17-year-old boy with a wide smile, preternaturally deep voice and a love of faith, family and his hometown of Garner, N.C.. But that boyish image is merely a fond memory now that he’s turning 20. While the core of who he is and what he stands for remains the same, his strong voice has deepened as he has grown into a seasoned, confident performer who is in full control of every aspect of his career. His impressive evolution is immediately evident on his second studio album, See You Tonight, which artfully captures who he is now, both as an artist and a man.
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  1. Well y'all I won the tickets for Scotty through St. Jude's and was packed ready to go with my daughter and I ended up with the stomach virus and had to give them up. It took all I had to do that but we were having to drive so long to get there and I have been sick all morning and Scotty you are worth it but as sick as I am there is no way I would have made it anyway. It would have been a great trip for us a Mom and Daughter night out with Scotty!!!!You know Donna how long I have waited to meet him and hopefully I will get to at the Ryman Tuesday Night. with the Fan Club I didn't get a E mail for it but they said to go to the call desk so hopefully I will get a pic with him .I also signed up for a meet and greet there too. Well have a good one Scotty I certainly would have been there. ILYTB

  2. I hope You had a great night. and hearing girls screaming... All your concerts are surper great cause
    You put on a super great incredible freakin amazing concert every time. and I will get to see you eventuallty
    some day at a concert. but intel then I will watch the video's from the concerts. I will listen to you on
    Tuesday night from the Ryman on the Radio. I hoping they will boardcast it. Love you so much Scotty :)))***


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