Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scotty McCreery, Eric Paslay travel different paths to success

I've only posted a few things about Scotty from the article - but this is a great (long) article, so click on the link to read the entire article

“He had to convince radio he was the real deal,” said Frank Rogers, who produced McCreery’s second album “See You Tonight.” “Now I think radio has figured that out. It’s never easy, but I think there is a stigma against the contest winners. Other than Carrie (Underwood), everyone else has hit a brick wall."

Rogers said that McCreery sat down and played him 40 songs for consideration for the album without telling him anything about them. “See You Tonight,” an up-tempo longing, love song, was the one Rogers predicted would be a hit. “He said, ‘Cool, I wrote it,’ ” Rogers said.

“(The quality of his voice) was the thing that impressed me the most the first day we sat down and started talking. No doubt he’s one of those great singers. There’s not any of that studio trickery going on with his vocals … and he’s starting to stretch his wings as a songwriter and figure out who he is.”

Online classes will allow him to travel more easily. During the interview, McCreery was in the middle of a 20-day run, something he said he never could have done before rejiggering his class schedule in 2014.

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  1. Eric Paslay said exactly how I feel about Scotty's SEE YOU TONIGHT cd. It has sooo many N0. 1 singles on it..........Why isn't it HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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