Wednesday, February 5, 2014

McCreerian's Here's Your Chance to Tell CMA That We Want To See Scotty McCreery This Year

Every year we run a 100 artist countdown to CMAFest! There is no order to the countdown, we just feature 1 artist or group per day. This year we are asking for your input! Anyone can submit, we are looking for fans, artists, marketing teams or anyone that feels like filling out our form. We can’t promise your artist will make the countdown, but we will do our best!
You must signup to be a VIP on our website before you submit, it’s FREE!


  1. i tried multiple times to log in.or register for this it keeps telling me incorrect users name ,so I guess i won't be able to do this...I really don't know what they want.

  2. Kept saying my info was invalid so I registered again with another email and it worked fine

  3. I can't stand this log in junk..First it say it's rivaled ,then I try another way then it's say's someone has the user name,like Hello it's mine..Then I get to the page to type in artist name,and then it foes back to the beginning to register.I saw one comment on the site ,no wonder it's a pain..Plus they sent e an email confirming my email,come back again ,same ols story...I quite.


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