Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scotty McCreery - Country Winterblast, Hampton, VA

                                 Credit to: Amanda Lambert                                                   
                                             Credit to: idolizer24

Click on the link below to see videos of  NOW and a little CAN YOU FEEL IT that 97.3 posted on their facebook page


  1. There all good,but 'FEEL GOOD SUMMER SONG "is the vest song I heard in a long time..The performance was absolutely beautiful..

  2. I love all of these video's. The Dash was so sad cause of Nathan's Friend I just cried while Scotty was
    talking about it. The video is fabulous cause you dedicate it to Nathan's friend. I bet that video made
    Nathan happy. Oh Scotty these performance were so super great, You put on a heck of Concert. That Feel
    Good Summer Song was so Absolutely Beautiful....Love U So,So,So much. You are the best.
    You put on a heck of concert .

  3. Thank you so much for posting these I feel like I was there. Scotty you do such a good job singing these as if the story in the song just comes alive in The Dash I wish they would let you just make that video as is , love the way your sitting in front and the video behind you look so good and the story I know Nathan is blessed every time y'all do it. Such a blessing and I know the Military Love it , a Big Tribute to the people who has served. You did great on all the songs and Yes WE DO LOVE YOU IN Black, HA!!!! its been a while since you wore it and Feelin It I love that one its so much fun when you sing it it would make a good single but I Love Forget to Forget You, that one live when you sung it at one of your concerts and you sung it so good yeah that one would be good in a video where you were really getting into the song and everyone there was talking about how good you sang it, you know how some of these artist put it in videos where they sung it at their concerts yep that's a good idea someone had that idea I can't remember where I read it but its on YouTube and everywhere from that night!!!. You just can tell the stories of the song's so good and Love it that Donna and everyone puts them where we can watch them, Thanks Again!!!! Proud of you Scotty!!!


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