Saturday, December 7, 2013

Scotty McCreery Talks With Taste of Country

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Scotty McCreery Dishes on Fondest Christmas Memories

Scott McCreery is in the holiday spirit! In a chat with Taste of Country, the ‘See You Tonight’ singer discusses gift giving, white Christmases and his favorite Christmas movies.
McCreery isn’t your traditional gift giver. He puts a lot of thought and effort into buying presents for his loved ones, and always gives them that extra personal touch.

“I try and think things out so it’s nothing grand or extravagant,” McCreery explains. “My sister’s a big Kenny Chesney fan so one year I bought her all these Kenny Chesney CDs. One year, mom said she didn’t want me to buy her anything because I was living out of a coin jar. I got her like a coupon book for washing a car and stuff like that, she loved that. And dad…it’s always sports stuff. Just little things like that that are personal.” No gift cards here!

The country singer grew up in North Carolina and he admits that since he lived there, he only experienced one white Christmas, and it made him forget all about Santa’s visit.
“I experienced a white Christmas once when I was really young and I barely remember it but I came downstairs for Christmas morning and Santa left all his presents down there and I was just like, ‘Forget Santa. I’m going outside and playing in the snow,’” he recalls. “I was so excited!”
Everyone has a favorite holiday movie, but it’s hard for the singer to pick just one. He has three that he likes to watch when the weather gets cold. Watch this clip and find out what movies Scotty McCreery likes to settle in with.    

Scotty McCreery will be at City Limits Saloon tonight for the QDR Christmas Wish Concert
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