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Lisa Sullivan Reviews Scotty McCreery's NC State Fair Concert and his Sophmore Album

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Scotty McCreery “See You Tonight” – An Album and Concert Review 

 Posted by Lisa A. Sullivan on October 23, 2013 

Scotty McCrreery QDR CD Release Party Copyright Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved
Image above is from the 947 QDR “See You Tonight” CD Release Party prior to Scotty’s NC State Fair concert on October 21st. Copyright 2013. Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. 

Let me get this part straight first – I am a fan. That I am. I make no bones about it. In fact, I’ve written about why before and so I won’t repeat it again here. Feel free to visit the post describing as much, if you’re interested.

That said, this post comes from an objective perspective because I’m not only a fan of Scotty’s, I’m also a fan of music, country music mostly, but GOOD music always and here’s the thing, Scotty’s newest release – See You Tonight – is good. As a matter of fact, it’s more than good. It’s straight up solid countryfied goodness.

See You Tonight is refreshing. It’s full of toe-tapping and tear-jerking tracks. It’s a nice mix of both, actually.

And let me state this too before I go any further – I cannot think of any record I have ever owned that I did not fast forward (or skip) a song or two on…until now. I listen to every single track on See You Tonight. Every single one. Even though the title track is what’s currently on radio and I know every lyric and the melody by heart, I still don’t skip that song. I let it play right on through… and sing to the top of my lungs at the same time too, but don’t tell anybody.

Scotty McCreery NC State Fair 2013 Image Credit Lisa Sullivan Copyright 2013 All Rights ReservedFrom the get-up-out-of-your-seat first song on the record, “Now”, to the cutesieness of songs like “Blue Jean Baby” and “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” to the poignant “The Dash” to the purely perfect sounds of “Carolina Moon” and the summer fun of “Suntan” (bonus track on the Walmart Deluxe edition and one Scotty performed all summer long in his Weekend Roadtrip Tour), this album moves you. Whether you tap your toes or shed a tear or just plain ole smile because the song does that to you, it’s truly a moving experience from one song to the next and that fact that Scotty himself co-wrote five songs on the album is not lost either. Actually, my second favorite track, “Something More” is one written by him (my very favorite is “Carolina Moon” in case you’re wondering).

“My one and only criticism is that I could have easily sat through a concert of JUST the entire See You Tonight album performed LIVE song for song.”Recently, Scotty performed quite a few selections at his North Carolina State Fair concert dates and being that I’m a Triangle-ite and Garner gal, of course I had the opportunity to attend both nights; enjoyed it each time. My one and only criticism is that I could have easily sat through a concert of JUST the entire See You Tonight album performed LIVE song for song. Honestly. I didn’t need to hear covers, though I do like his versions of George Strait’s “Check Yes or No”, Tim McGraw’s “I Like It. I Love It”, or Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone”. Rather, I would’ve preferred as many new songs as he was willing to perform mixed in with some of my faves from Clear As Day (his platinum-selling debut album). The whole album of See You Tonight? Sure! Why not?!

What I will say though is I did enjoy the tribute to the greats like Johnny Cash and Elvis. With those he brought his influences to the forefront while quite possibly bringing “new ears” to the music as well. Nice job!

Scotty’s new show is really good overall. It’s not too flashy, but just the right amount of FUN to keep his audience entertained while staying true to his roots. I like that.

Whether you are a Scotty McCreery fan or just a fan of good country music, pick up See You Tonight. There’s a reason the critics have given it (and him) such rave reviews (as have some of his colleagues in the biz too – did you see Kellie Pickler’s shout out on Twitter? Check it.).

Go get you some See You Tonight. I promise. You won’t be sorry. In fact, you’ll be ready to purchase a ticket to his concert playing at a city near you!

Kudos, Scotty! You’ve outdone yourself with this one and made we McCreerians (and Garnerites) very proud. Keep it up!

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Scotty McCreery’s Sophomore Album “See You Tonight” Debuts At No.1 On The Billboard Country Albums Chart

Country star Scotty McCreery delivers his second consecutive No. 1 Billboard debut with his latest album, See You Tonight (Mercury Nashville / 19 / Interscope Records).  With more than 52,000 units sold the first week, McCreery lands at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart and No. 6 on the Top 200.  
The sophomore album from the platinum-selling artist, produced by Mark Bright and Frank Rogers, features five songs co-written by McCreery, including the current single and title track, “See You Tonight.”
“It’s just incredible that this is my second album to debut at No. 1 on country Billboard,” shared McCreery.  “I owe so much to the fans who got me here as well as everyone in Nashville who has supported me along the way.”

McCreery began his Oct. 15 release week in New York City with a CD release party for fans at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square followed by “See You Tonight” performances on NBC’s “TODAY Show” (view HERE) and Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” (view HERE; bonus online segment HERE – performance of “Now” at 5:15 mark).  The artist the L.A. Times now calls “a bona-fide country star,” then headed south to the home of country music to appear on Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and included an in-store signing at the Grand Ole Opry House.   

McCreery continued his fan-centric release events with two nights at the N.C. State Fair near his hometown in Raleigh, N.C. where he played for nearly 9,000 concert-goers over the course of two nights at Dorton Arena.  Each day also included a special meet & greet release party for over 800 fans.

See You Tonight is being met with glowing reviews from the Chicago Tribune saying “Scotty delivers with refreshing introspection … I can’t recall enjoying a ‘Country’ genre album as much as Scotty McCreery’s ‘See You Tonight,’” the Associated Press stating “McCreery combines the traditional aspects of heroes Josh Turner and Randy Travis with contemporary touches brought in by producer Frank Rogers (Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker). The result shows McCreery moving into a style of his own that should win him fans beyond the “Idol” fan base,” Rolling Stone affirming McCreery will “strike a chord on either side of the Mason-Dixon,” and PEOPLE noting that McCreery is “proving once again that America got it right, the 2011 Idol champ delivers one of the fall’s best country albums.”

Next up for McCreery is a performance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” this Friday, Oct. 25 (11:30 p.m. ET / 10:30 CT) before continuing on with tour dates in Ohio and Tenn.

McCreery offers three versions of See You Tonight: the standard 13-track version, a special 16-track deluxe edition, available anywhere you buy music, and an exclusive 18-track deluxe available only at Wal-Mart and

For new, photos, tour dates and more, visit  Fans can also connect with McCreery via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Videos from Scotty McCreery's NC State Fair Concert on 10/21

Credit to: Tanya West           
                 Credit to: Amanda Lambert for the following videos

Scotty McCreery Talks Junk Foods, Dance Moves + New Season of ‘American Idol’ During ToC Twitter Takeover

Scotty McCreery
By Billy Dukes

Fans learned some new things about Scotty McCreery on Tuesday (Oct. 22). The singer took over Taste of Country’s Twitter page for 30 minutes before a show at the N.C. State Fair, just to answer fan questions. His responses were as entertaining as the questions.

Some highlights: McCreery admits he owns six guitars and more pairs of boots than he can count. He can’t rap, but he’d love to collaborate with singer-turned-rapper (sort of) Dolly Parton. The ‘See You Tonight’ singer plans on moving to Nashville “when the time is right,” and he’s excited to watch Jennifer LopezKeith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. judge ‘American Idol’ this year.

However, he doesn’t miss the show. “Enjoyed it while I was there, but glad I’m off doing my own thing now,” he responded to @CharlyyBrown. But had he been cut during Season 10 auditions, he says he definitely would have tried out again.

“Cause that would have given me a challenge, and I love a challenge,” he told @hawkscool8.

Below are a few more highlights from the conversation. #ScottyOnToc was trending in the U.S. during McCreery’s 30-minute-long chat. Sales figures from the debut week for his new ‘See You Tonight’ album should be made available on Wednesday. Look for McCreery to appear on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno on Friday.

Story Behind the Song: Scotty McCreery, "See You Tonight"By: Alanna Con

Story Behind the Song: Scotty McCreery, "See You Tonight"By: Alanna Con

Forbes: Album Review - "See You Tonight" by Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery on the Making of 'See You Tonight'

    Scotty McCreery on the Making of 'See You Tonight'
 (Photo credit: Lunchbox LP)

Cedric Muhammad, Contributor
10/22/2013 @ 6:23PM |943 views
Perhaps it was the fact that I was driving through North Carolina when I heard the well-placed references to his home state on “Carolina Moon” or maybe it was just the Hip-Hop influenced arrangements.  But for whatever the reason, I can’t recall enjoying a ‘Country’ genre album as much as Scotty McCreery’s “See You Tonight.”
 With lyrics delivered in a somehow simultaneously raspy and silky Southern drawl, McCreery raises emotions and expectations throughout the life of the album.

With a drum pattern reminiscent of Barry White’s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up,” (just slow the bpms down) “The Dash” stands out as a masterpiece demonstrating how poignant song-writing, voice inflection and a simple but layered arrangement can build crescendo and pull on a heart-string.  By letting the track breathe and the instrumentation build, album producer Frank Rogers and Scotty hit a home run with universal appeal.  It is hard to overstate how perfectly arranged and moving this track is.

Rogers shines as much as the lead vocalist with creative bridges and breakdowns on almost every song with some tracks featuring the kind of call-and-response favored in R&B and Gospel and others like “See You Tonight” showcasing double-ups on lyrics that recall dub versions and DJ handiwork from rap’s 1980s. And by the way, the outro on this one is unnecessarily nice nuance.

On ‘Feelin It” the inner “MC” in McCreery comes out, with “Pop tops poppin/Flip flops floppin/Drop tops droppin down,” out the gate.  He wouldn’t win any freestyle contests but his exercise in flow works well, setting you up for some trademark double-ups that lead into the chorus.  It’s another example of Rogers and McCreery doing what they want on a track.

Seven Billion people in the world but it feels like two,” on the album’s title track, “See You Tonight” has to be one of the romantic lyrics of the year and the airy “Feel Good Summer Song” gives us one of the most bitter-sweet, “But now you’re gone/Can’t hear another feel good summer song/The sunshine only lights up what is wrong/I should just give in and sing along/And laugh like we used to/The tide is high/ The sky is blue/ But how can I get over you/When every station is playing a feel good summer song?”
Relationship twists and turns are a specialty and consistent theme of the album - whether the frustrations of being limited to a platonic interaction on “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend,” or “Forget To Forget You” ’s pathetic but authentic portrayal of the self-talk one goes through when trying to move on – Scotty delivers with refreshing introspection, vulnerable yet witty.  And yes, the nice touch of another incredible instrumental outro drives the message home.

If ‘See You Tonight’ is the metric, the meteoric career of 2011’s American Idol continues its ascent.

Highly recommended for Autumn driving… 

Arthur Kade interviews Scotty McCreery

Arthur Kade chats with country singer and "American Idol" alum Scotty McCreery (@ScottyMcCreery) #InTheLab before playing at the Hard Rock Cafe. He talks about his new about "See You Tonight" which is available now.

See You Tonight debuts #1 on the country chart!

The final numbers are in and See You Tonight debuts as the #1 country album, #6 all genre with 50,052 copies sold! 

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1010CHERWARNER BROS.37,188+15%