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Scotty McCreery Comes Into His Own on See You Tonight

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It's been a big week for 20-year-old American Idol alum Scotty McCreery, whose new album hit stores Tuesday (Oct. 15). Although he released a holiday album last year, See You Tonight is the follow-up to his first album Clear as Day, and the singer says a great deal has changed since his country debut.

"There's a new level of confidence we've got on this record," McCreery told CMT Hot 20 Countdown. "And that comes from the amount of time we had and the amount of time I got to be an artist on this record, whether it was writing songs or just being involved in the production of it.

"So I'm just extremely pumped to get this out there for everybody to hear. We've taken a big step from where we were and, you know, I've grown up."

Despite being a young artist who began his career through a very modern platform, McCreery says the course of this album stayed true to a more traditional sound.

"I'm an old soul," he said. "I kind of have that traditional country in me, but we still want to have fun with it. We still want to keep it contemporary and current. So I think we got that mix just about right. I think we got it nice and zoned in on the record."

As an added bonus, McCreery says his new music gives fans a whole new concert experience.

"We're kind of revamping the whole show," he said. "Last year, I only had one record to choose from, so I had a lot of covers. Now I get to do a lot more of my stuff, which is something I'm looking forward to doing."

For more, tune in to CMT Hot 20 Countdown this Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 19-20) at 11 a.m. ET/PT.

Scotty McCreery on See You Tonight, Brad Paisley and country lyrics: Interview

Scotty McCreery on See You Tonight, Brad Paisley and country lyrics: Interview

Scotty McCreery on the Majors

Playing new music and watching Postseason baseball

First of all, to all my fans, I hope you’re digging See You Tonight. We’ve been working on this for over a year now, putting this thing together, so I’m glad it’s finally out there for people to hear other than myself and the truck. It’s fun and hopefully you’re enjoying it.

You know how much I like baseball, so it was a treat today to spend time at Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s headquarters inside of Chelsea Market in New York City. We recorded some songs off the new album, so keep an eye out at for the videos in the days to come.

Like I’ve said before, I have two favorite teams. One’s my main team, and the other is the team I just root for. My Dad grew up in the New England area, so I was raised as a kid with all things Boston, and that means Red Sox. The Braves are my other team because I’m in North Carolina and that’s who I’m for in the NL.

The Braves were close. We were rooting for them. Like I said earlier on this blog when the postseason started, I expected Boston and St. Louis in the World Series but I was gonna root for Atlanta. Luckily, I’ve still got the Sox. Man, we’re hangin on by a thread, aren’t we? We’ll see how they handle Anibal Sanchez, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. How do they get all those pitchers on one team?

It was good to see Big Papi come through in the clutch in that classic Game 2 at Fenway Park. I literally took a lap around the house whenever he hit that grand slam. Because we were thinking, “You know, it’s Papi’s time.” I took a lap around the house. We didn’t necessarily beat Scherzer, but we won the game he pitched, and that was huge.

Now we have one more game in Detroit tonight. It was nice to win the first game at Comerica, because now we’re playing with house money, because we’re going to make the trip back to Boston no matter what. So we’ll see. It would be nice to go back up 3-2. I think the Sox are in good position, we’re going back to Jon Lester, and hopefully the bats are going to wake up.

Over in the National League, we’ll see. The Cardinals are going back home up 3-2. It’ll be tough. They Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw going in Game 6, and it’s tough to see anybody really having a good game against him. So I can definitely see it going to a Game 7, then you have Adam Wainwright against Hyun-Jin Ryu in all likelihood. I think I’d give the edge to Wainwright there. But it’s tough to say what’s going to happen in Game 7. I think the Dodgers, if they can get to Game 7 after being down 2-0, I think they’d be pretty pumped up going into that game. They’d be pretty aggressive and fiery, so it would be pretty fun to watch.

I’m able to keep up with the games, especially on the road. On the bus, we have Apple TV so the MLB stuff is on there as well. If we don’t have that going, I’ve got the At Bat app going where the pitch comes in as a green ball or blue ball or red ball. So I’m watching all that stuff and trying to keep up with it as best I can, especially during the playoffs.  We’re going to be hammering this album out, we’re going to be going to radio and showing them the songs and singles and hoping that they’re digging it. 

Fox & Friends Interview with Scotty McCreery and his show after the show

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Scotty McCreery’s “See You Tonight” Has A Song For Everybody « The New 103.7 – Charlotte's Home For Country's Hottest Hits

Scotty McCreery’s “See You Tonight” Has A Song For Everybody « The New 103.7 – Charlotte's Home For Country's Hottest Hits

Scotty McCreery had another busy day


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Inside the control room in NYC!

Here in NYC chats with the hosts of

Just finished playing for the folks at havin a great time in NYC!