Saturday, August 3, 2013

Scotty McCreery has been busy in Wisconsin


Scotty McCreery has a brief video message for you below. See video and pictures of his performance at Y100 today at:
— at Y100 Atrium.

I found the following pictures, tweets and vine videos on FanBuff - credit & a great big THANK YOU goes out to all the people that found these and the ones who recorded videos and took pictures! Donna :)

by Lynne @ 8/2/2013 7:10:21 PM

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery   Having a great time here in Wisconsin!

Madison WI - 96.3 Star Country

96.3 Star Country
‏963StarCountry   Renee and Kelly have been at Gray's Tied House waiting for Scotty McCreery since 11am!  

Milwaukee WI - 106.1
 6 Videos!!  added to 106.1 Milwaukee WI article - Aug 1:

Prairie du Chien WI - Concert tomorrow Aug 3 Country On The River
Scotty McCreery ScottyMcCreery   back on the road this wknd...anyone else going on a ?  

Vines !
  Madison WI
        Katie Sommers ‏KatieRadio1   Gettin my county on in with Scotty McCreery cc: Abby Rhodes & 963StarCountry

         View media    See You Tonight

      View media    The Trouble with Girls      View media              

96.3 Star Country ‏@963StarCountry  All ready for Scotty to arrive!

Maddy Steil ‏Mad_Stylee    waiting for you to come out!!!     

Zach McGranahan ‏@ztmofficial   Waitin for @scottymccreery ...there are soo many people here!

jayoren ‏@orenjay49  So parking cars for the @ScottyMcCreery concert at Grey's Tied House in Verona is a little more stressful than anticipated  [Scotty fever in high gear!!!]

Katie Brisky ‏frisky_brisky   Just made eye contact with scotty McCreery. 
lindsay olson. ‏@lolson25  2 feet from scotty mccreery   I'll take it original.gif #sohot

96.3 Star Country ‏963StarCountry   Scotty McCreery on stage at Gray's Tied House!

charlie dean ‏chuckchuck8   This is serious.        packed!!!   

Molly Mangan ‏Molll   2nd night in a row!  We love ya here!

Ivy Kedley ‏IvyTealKedley   Scotty McCreery was too good I'm in love

Molly Mangan ‏Molll   Another up close and personal concert!  Wisconsin sure does love him! 

Sam Spottek :) ‏sammsmileyy   we love you over here in Wisconsin ♥♥

Katie Pollock ‏pollock_katie   Omg.  Just hip thrusted Scotty Mccreery ;)

Bethany Veum ‏BethanyVeum   Thank you for an incredible concert!!! 

lindsay olson. ‏lolson25   Meeting scotty mccreery in t minus 5 minutes

Sue ‏sdondlinger   Just met no big deal!!  He is awesome!!  and his manager Mike!! [Tour Manager Mike Childers]

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heather strickland ‏heathermae020   My drawing using clay oils and pastels     [not this show]

sarah wimmer ‏SarahWimmer13   JUST MET SCOTTY MCCREERY!  OMG MY LIFE IS MADE! 😍😍😍😊😊��

Mary Claire Kussart ‏@McKussart  @ScottyMcCreery come back out and meet some of us unlucky ones that didn't get VIP tickets!  #WeWannaPictureWithYou

Samantha Meadowcroft ‏@samanthajm08  @ScottyMcCreery great job tonight!  Wish I got to meet you sad.gif im still here though so if you wanna come out to the patio wink.gif

Destiny ‏@Car_Girl1996  I CANT BELIEVE THAT I MET @ScottyMcCreery.  THAT JUST MADE MY YEAR!  Thanks again @amandaa361 boyfriend original.gif

Kassie Widmyer.♥ ‏@KassieKristine  Just followed @ScottyMcCreery 's bus trying to get a picture with him along with some other crazy fans.  Please come back! #soclose  [Scotty must get ready to cohost with Abby on Y100 WNCY]

Valerie Larson ‏@valerielarsonn  CHASING SCOTTY MCCREERY'S CAR RIGHT NOW

Catherine Morgan!⚓ ‏cat_allen33     I did [meet Scotty] and I cried I was so happy

Sue ‏@sdondlinger   @ScottyMcCreery just met you can't wait to see you tomorrow ❤ [Concert Aug 3 Country on the River, Prairie du Chien WI]

University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison WI - Before show, Scotty visits young patients

Susan ‏slglov   thanks for making my daughter's ( ) day!

T ‏SMITHT7  Great show at Grays Tied House by

by Lynne @ 8/2/2013 6:56:58 PM

4 Videos - Suntan, Water Tower Town, The Trouble With Girls, See You Tonight.

Abby Crawford
, Night DJ on Y100, Weekdays 7 pm - Midnight when WNCY spins Top 5@8

    Abby tweets:  Y100 WNCY ‏@wncy   So...Scotty McCreery has agreed to come back to the station tonight to co-host the Top5@8 with me!  I'm freaking...
    Y100 WNCY ‏wncy   Scotty McCreery did a Fresh Faces of Country show (presented by Subway) at Y100 today.  He's coming back to do...   

    Y100 WNCY ‏wncy   Look who's joining Abby in a few minutes...SCOTTY MCCREERY!!!  Tune in to wncy!      [Tune in for Scotty and Abby!]

Carly Wood ‏CarrllzzW     said he may or may not have a girlfriend on Y100 radio, he's just keeping our relationship a secretπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

original.gif  WNCY Top 5@8 with Abby:  Scotty announced the #1 song of the night:  "See You Tonight"!!!  original.gif

Brooke jameson ‏@JamesonBrooke  Great day listening to and meeting @ScottyMcCreery at #Y100 today.  It's something about a Suntan, GREAT new song

Rachel Leigh ‏@rachel_WIXX 29 s  @ScottyMcCreery is such a nice guy!  Lets just say I get why all the girls love him!  #seeyoutonight

Meet & Greet Photos

Morgan Jameson ‏mmJameson    One last s/o [shoutout] to the lovely for the amazing day in Green Bay :)   

by Lynne @ 8/1/2013 5:58:25 PM

Q106 Exclusive Lunchtime Show, Meet & Greet - Madison WI


original.gif  Vines!!!  original.gif

Mariah Ricciardi ‏Mariahgirl723
    Leaving to see SCOTTY!!!!!!!     View media 

    Omg       View media 

    Here!!!!       View media

    SCOTTYYYYYYYY♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡      View media

    OMG GUYS          View media   

    WE JUST MET SCOTTY      View media 

    Meeting Scotty McCreery was honestly the most amazingly thing in the world.

      It was amazing meeting you today!  You have an outstanding
         voice.  :) 

Molly Mangan  @Molll   not a bad way to spend my Thursday afternoon! Very humble guy!

Alyssa Halverson ‏AlyssaHalverson   I Still cannot get over the fact I got to meet @ScottyMcCreery!!

Meet & Greet

Eric Engel ‏@EngelEric  Thanks for the lunch today and  

Look who I met!  He also signed my fanclub badge!  Ahhhhhh!  @ScottyMcCreery  :-)

Molly Mangan ‏@Molll - It was nice meeting @scottymccreery today.  He puts on a great show! #scottymccreery

106.1 Milwaukee WI Show!!! 

6 Videos!!

Alex Wasmer ‏a1ex_e1izabeth   Meet and greet with at fm 106.1 studios.  So amazing :) 

3 ‏CelebsObsession   just met !! soooo excited about this!

FM106.1 ‏FM1061   Who has 106.1 megahertz and is hanging with ?  Us guys!

Lauren Guenther ‏lguenther210   loved having the chance to meet you today and hear you play a couple of songs!  Cant wait for the new album

Kiara Schott ‏kschottt
    scotty mccreery!!!! [Suntan]   View media 
    let's talk about how i was just 3rd row at a private scotty mccreery concert and met him and he called…

   just hugged scotty mccreery and talked to him and got pictures omfg

Tammy Beesley ‏Nursetaz  Great Time Hanging With THANKS

Alex Wasmer ‏a1ex_e1izabeth   and I at FM106.1 meet and greet today!  there's nothing better than ending a day with amazing music! 

Scotty McCreery will perform at the Country on the River Tonight

2:30 PM

American Young

4:30 PM

6:30 PM

Scotty McCreery

8:30 PM
Sara Evans

10:30 PM

Trace Adkins


Beginning with the very first festival in 2010, Country on the River has become one of the best country music parties in the midwest. Featuring a great annual talent line-up, a free Thursday night show, on-site camping, and a scenic rural backdrop, Country on the River has all of the makings of an event that cannot be missed.
2012 – Year Three
The first year at the new permanent location just outside of Prairie du Chien, Country on the River rocked with it’s largest crowd yet, expanded on-site camping, and two of country music’s hottest rising stars, Luke Bryan and Eric Church.
Line-Up: Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Gary Allan, Travis Tritt,  Clay Walker, Craig Morgan, Jaime O’Neal, Daryl Worley, Sean Patrick McGraw, and more.

Watch Luke Bryan TV with clips from CotR 2012
2011 – Year Two
Line-Up:  Darius Rucker, Montgomery Gentry, Rodney Atkins, Jason Michael Carroll, Tracy Lawrence, Jo Dee Messina, Love and Theft, Trent Tomlinson, Restless Heart, Stealing Angels, and more.

2010 – Year One
The start of it all. Held on Prairie du Chien’s historic St. Feriole Island on the Mississippi River, the first Country on the River became an instant hit with country music fans. With a remarkable first-year talent line-up, even the performers noted that the event operated as smoothly as ones that have been around for years.
Line-Up:  Blake Shelton, Diamond Rio, Joe Nichols, Terri Clark, Gloriana, Emerson Drive, Trailer Choir, The Lost Trailers, and more.