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Timber Drive Elementary receives Scotty McCreery computer donation

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A fan shares her pictures & her experience at Scotty McCreery's concert in Red Banks, NJ

A friend and follower of our page, Emie B., was at the Weekend RoadTrip Tour 2013 show in Red Banks, NJ, on May 13th. She wanted to share with us her memories of the show through her pictures and her words. We just ask that if you choose to share these pictures on your own personal page or account (FB, web, Twitter...) that you please give her credit for the pictures. Thank you Emie for sharing your memories with all of us here at Fans of Scotty!
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I'm one of the "Scotty Crazies" and at age 58, my adult kids can't understand and will never understand why I feel Scotty is my adopted son.  As my Mother's Day gift, my family sent me to New Jersey from Washington State to watch Scotty "Rock The Night" on May 13 at Count Bassie Theater, Red Bank,NJ. And wow!  The venue has the feeling of coziness and I noticed the fans of all ages, men and women, young and old.  Not sure how young is his youngest fan.   But I talked to a mom whose 7 yr old son became a die-hard Scotty at Season 10 and been following him since then. There was a little girl who looked like 10 yrs old who watched Scotty's concert in Philidelphia, then Morristown, New Jersey and came back at Red Bank, NJ all in the same week!  I was touched to see fans men and women in wheelchair to see the young man of Garner, NC and hear him sing "Water Tower Town" and took our breath away as he sung "Walk In The Country With Me."  Then of course, he sung his American Idol coronation song: I love You This Big" and allowed us to feel how much this young man loves His Lord and us his fans...
It was a treat to see his precious gifts of singing and "story telling."  You can hear every word he was saying just like when he sings!  He was narrating some of his thoughts and experiences before he sung some of his song.  I remember him saying "I Am Country" before he sung "Check Yes or No" by George Strait.  Despite of the screaming fans, it's hard not to be touched when he sung "Dirty Dishes" knowing Judy is always there for him. Then came the song "Write My Number On Your Hand", young and old ladies alike went rushing by the stage to ask for Scotty to "write his number on their hands."  I saw one girl asking him to sign her "boots"! 
I noticed the "current looking" graphics as his background as well as some of the videos from  his songs. I heard for the first time Papa Loved Mama by Garth Brooks and of course, as always he did great with his rendition.  He seemed to be enjoying himself and you can see the camaraderie (spelling?) with his band, Dry Country. Then the beach balls came out from nowhere when he sung "Suntan".  This was one of my favorite moments coz all ages once again got to played with the beach ball and truly had a blast.  I'm a very short Asian lady and the nice old guy behind me was letting me get the ball. 
He sung "Out of Summertime", "Man of Constant Sorrow", "Better Than that" and then his new single: "See You Tonight." Hmm...did he write the song for Gabi Dugal who was there manning the merchandise that night?  I always love his rendition of "The Dance" by Garth Brooks and to hear him sing it live was so precious! If he made a video of "You Make That Look Good" I can imagine more Gabi in the starring role for she can be in a ponytail and still look like  Miss Hollywood!  Very sweet, pretty girl! The fans joined him when he sung "I like it, I love it" by Tim McGraw.  Then the "Trouble With Girls" video flashed in the background as Scotty sung one of his great songs.
They did some kind of sound effects where I thought there was an audio malfunction and saw Brad Paisley on the screen!  What a treat! He exchanged some "niceness" with Brad before he sung "Celebrity".  I saw Scotty here in Tacoma, Washington with Brad and it was just  awesome then and now...Hank Williams will be proud if he hears Scotty sing "Hey Good Lookin'" coz the guy behind me was singing along and sung every line!  Haha!  We all know who Elvis Presley is in his life.  Ya, that was an epic treat when he sung "That's All Right" and I noticed he was shaking his boots with gusto in that rendition! Elvis was alive in that house! 

There was an older lady who was sitting at the 4th row (orchestra) who never sat down and was dancing like there was no tomorrow with Scotty. Haha!  It was extremely loud that night  but fun and you can feel the love from Scotty to his fans, fans to Scotty.  Nearing the end, Scotty sung Travis Tritt's "T-R-O-U-B-L-E."  This was the moment when you feel you don't want the concert to end...The house grew louder and louder and the fans clamor for more, shouting "I love you Scotty", "Great job Scotty"!  The stage became dark as if the curtain fell...Just when you thought the show was over came the song with a bang, bang: "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. 
I saw a more mature Scotty in this concert.  I was at the Fan Club Party last year and my what a transformation!  His stage presence is so undeniably "charismatic." Those blue eyes have seen the mixed emotions of the making of a Country Superstar.  Yet, he still looks so grounded in his faith and his family.  In the "Meet and Greet" he was still the sweet and humble Scotty but more sure of himself. 
Scotty knows how much his fans adore him and so devoted to him.  With that knowledge, I can picture him always and always with his outstretched hands telling us: "I LOVE YOU THIS BIG!"

Scotty McCreery - shares some memories of Idol Judge Randy Jackson

Singer Scotty McCreery attends the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 14, 2013 - American Idol champ Scotty McCreery is riding high on the success of his platinum-selling debut Clear as Day, which spawned three Top 40 hits, including "I Love You This Big" and "Water Tower Town." In 2012, he was crowned the Academy of Country Music's Best New Artist, as well as Artist of the Year: New Artist at the American Country Awards. With his new single "See You Tonight," the 19-year-old is setting his sights on his first chart-topping smash, as it entered the Top 50 on Billboard's Country Radio Airplay tally.

Of course, the singer-songwriter owes all his achievements to FOX's hit TV show and that season's esteemed panel, comprised of Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and industry musician and producer Randy Jackson. The latter of which is departing the series after a 12-year long run on the show.

McCreery caught up with The Hollywood Reporter to share his favorite memory of Jackson. "Randy was there from the beginning and added a huge element to the show with his experience and critique that will be truly missed. I loved having him on my season, but even with him gone, he'll always be 'America's dawg...," he said.