Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scotty McCreery & Duck Dynasty

Jessica Robertson Jessica Robertson ‏@JessicaDuckWife 1h Jep & I had the great pleasure of spending a little time w/ scottymccreery & his sweet mom & dad… Retweeted by Judy Cooke McCreery

    EDIT: I just wanted to add this video to this post - it has nothing to do with Duck Dynasty & Scotty but  it's Scotty in the parade. He starts about the 2:27 mark, 
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Gifting Scotty McCreery's single - See You Tonight

As always McCreerian's want to be sure that everyone that wants one can get a copy of Scotty's new single See You Tonight - it's official add date/release date is Monday, May 6th.

If you would like a copy of See You Tonight please send me an e-mail to:

Once again McCreerian's Rock - Scotty certainly has the best fanbase ever!!

Scotty McCreery and Chris Mitchell at the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

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Ducky Dynasty, Idol arrive for Bloom

Scotty McCreery, Apple Blossom Festival grand marshal, speaks at press conference Friday. Rich Cooley/Daily

Firefighter Parade marshals Jessica and Jep Robertson talk to news media on Friday. Rich Cooley/Daily

By Alex Bridges
WINCHESTER -- Reality TV came to the Bloom on Friday with the arrival of stars from two hit shows.
Country music artist Scott "Scotty" McCreery serves as the grand marshal of the 86th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. McCreery became the youngest male winner of American Idol in 2011 as well as the show's first top country music performer.

This year's picks to serve as marshals of the firefighers parade, Jep and Jessica Robertson, star in the A&E network reality show "Duck Dynasty" about the family that struck it rich with a duck-call business.
McCreery and the Robertsons spoke to local media at the press conference at First Presbyterian Church in Old Town Winchester.

McCreery spoke about his visit to the historic home of country music legend Patsy Cline, mixing his college studies with touring and his own idols.
"Any time you get the chance to stand where a legend used to stand you get the chills," McCreery said.

The singer hinted he might do his own take on a Cline hit.
"I think everybody would love to cover a Patsy song, so we may break out a 'Crazy' tune or two, but it'd be nice," McCreery said.

The artist is working on his next album, but this time he doesn't face the same recording deadline he did as an American Idol winner. That process had to happen quickly, he recalled. McCreery said his next album likely could come out in October.

The Garner, N.C., native said he looked forward to going out and meeting people during the festival.
"Already I've only been here a few hours and it's been a great experience and everybody's been so nice and warm and receptive of me," McCreery said, adding that he looks forward to "just seeing what this town's all about."

"So far it's been a really cool place," McCreery added.  After the festival, McCreery said he has to return to North Carolina State University where he majors in communications with a focus on media. McCreery said he has two exams Monday.  "Then it's summer time and the livin's easy," McCreery said.

The singer and his band hit the fair and festival circuit this summer. College limits McCreery to performing Thursday through Sunday, he said. The summer lets McCreery and the band go out for a few weeks at a time. This summer McCreery said with the addition of a second tour bus he plans to bring more of his friends to help along the tour.

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