Friday, April 26, 2013

Videos from Scotty McCreery's concert in Tulsa, OK

 EDIT: I've added more videos to this post - Donna
Credit to: fgh8791       
             These are the videos I recorded from last night            
                                     Credit to: alyssa lucero
            Credit to: Mary Holacka

Scotty McCreery in Tulsa, OK

I just have a few minutes this morning before I have to leave but wanted to get something posted from Tulsa.  These are pictures I took with my phone and tweeted last night - some are good and some are bad - just don't look at the bad ones! LOL  I was able to meet a lady who visits the site regularly last night, her name is Esther and she is 83 years young & just LOVES Scotty - she is just so precious and I am so glad I was able to meet her.  I met other fans as well and when I get a chance to do my recap of the show I will say more about that.  I do want to say that if you have not seen Scotty during the Weekend RoadTrip Tour 2013 you are missing out on one of the BEST concerts & if possible you need to get to a venue as quickly as possible.  He has grown so much as a performer and artist it is just amazing!  I was so proud of him last night I was beaming like a proud Momma!!! Well, gotta run more to come later (when I can get a minute to post) Donna
  25 Apr
visiting before the Tulsa show with McCreerians