Sunday, March 10, 2013

Singer Scotty McCreery says no matter how busy he is, he’ll never forget his fans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From taking college classes — to touring — to trying to put the finishing touches on his second album — Scotty McCreery is a busy man.
“I’m trying to keep up,” McCreery said just hours before he took to the stage at the Uptown Saturday night.
The young singer says he will never forget how he got his start and how his fans made it all happen.
“It’s been pretty wild, non-stop crazy, traveling half way around the world,” said McCreery. “But it’s been a lot of fun.”
The 19-year-old amazed the “American Idol” judges with his deep voice and ability to sing not only country music, but songs from many other artists.  He won season 10 of the nationally televised singing competition only years ago.
Since then, his debut studio album,” Clear As Day,” has been certified platinum for one million copies sold.
McCreery is now doing all of the things he had dreamed of doing.  He told FOX 4 News that he’s still trying to keep up with the show and the new judges.
“It’s a new flavor to the show having Nicki (Minaj) there and Mariah (Carey) there, and Keith (Urban) there as well,” he said.
In fact, he wished Urban had been a judge when he was performing on the show.
“Country music is such a tight nit family or community.  It is tough to really get in if you are outside of it.  They didn’t give me bad advice, but I think Keith could have honed in on it,” he said.
A freshman at North Carolina State, McCreery said it’s a balancing act between trying to finish his second album, his tour and college.
“We do Monday – Wednesday classes.  Tuesday is the in between days, which I am either making up work or going to Nashville.  It’s definitely a lot.  It’s a load, but its fun,” he explained.
McCreery is also trying his hand at something new.
“Webisodes — we are just starting those up at Scott TV.  We have a camera guy on the road with us, catching behind the scenes action of me and my band.  We have a big sense of humor.  You have to be able to take a joke to be in this band and the camera is kind of catching that side of things,” he said.
With dreams of singing for the rest of his life, McCreery says he will never forget how he got to where is is now in his career.
“A lot of artists get to come up here and say, ‘It’s all because of the fans. You are the reason I am here.’  But for me it’s literal.  They put me thru Idol and they have stayed by my side thru these last two years.  I will never lose my appreciation for them,” he said.
MCCreery told FOX 4 News that he arrived in Kansas City only a couple of hours before his show, so he didn’t have a lot of time to look around town.  But he did get to sample some famous KC barbeque.  He said he loved it and even went back for more.  However, he has no idea from what establishment it came from.
Last week, “American Idol” announced the final 10 singers in the competition.
“Once you got to the top 10 it was game on. You had to bring it,” said McCreery recalling the days when he was in the same situation.
This season’s “American Idol” is back with the top ten this Wednesday night at 7:00 on FOX 4, followed by FOX 4 News at 9:00.

A fan shares her experience seeing Scotty McCreery in concert at The Strawberry Festival

 I wanted to create a post for this to be sure everyone has the opportunity to read it.  Once I receive the videos I will add them to this post!  Thank you for sharing your memories with us - we appreciate it! Donna
Scotty is a born artist and a performer....with excellence and perfection. This is the second time that I saw him perform. The first time was in Tampa with BP and TBP. It was rather short and I promised myself that I would watch his solo concert if given the chance. So when I found out that he would be gracing the Plant City strawberry festival which is 45a min from us. I didnt hesistate to buy myself and my husband tkts. To my dismay I couldnt get any seats close to the stage on the 2nd day they started toto sell online.

Just the same we went. I was very excited and anxious to see him. My family and friends know how crazy I am about Scotty. There was a mix of young and old audience. I learned from the concessioners that they have a big turnout of people yesterday because of "The American Idol", as one of them described Scotty. I was kinda doing some detective work. I ask if the attendance rate of other big name stars before him was as good as Scotty's .... they said no. Besides his ticket price is higher than some who have been in the business before him.

Overall performance was outstanding. He would sing fast songs and slow down and go fast again and serenade us again with love songs. My husband loved his version of The Dance. He comnented that sometimes the band would drown his beautiful voice which is not his fault but it was the sound mixing territory.

What I love with Scotty was when he talks to the audience... he did this several times. He was very engaging and funny most of the time. I was able to re ord a portion but dont know how to download it. It was a good thing that a lot of videos have come out because mine were not clear and great. I thank these people for sharing them.

He is full of energy...he didnt have any intermission at all. His voice was strong from beginning til his last song.
And to tell you frankly, he is so cute, adorable and sexy in person. You could hear every teenage girls giggling and older ladies swooning over our idol.

I am still starstruck. I told my husband that I am going to his next concert in Orlando in May, 2 hrs away from us. This time I will see to it I will be up front and maybe buy meet and greet passes. I have never been a fan of anyone and followed the life and career of an artist. I pray that he stays grounded and be faithful to his faith.

SCOTTY is amazing!