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Scotty singing See You Tonight at Grand Ole Opry Showcase at CRS 2013 Nashville, TN

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Ticket for Scotty McCreery's March 9th concert

KC Tip Off Concert 2013 Starring Scotty McCreery 

A fan has contacted me to let me know they have a PIT ticket for Scotty's March 9th show in Kansas City.  If you are interested in the ticket please send an e-mail to:

2013: A Big Year for Scotty McCreery

[GUEST POST] 2013: A Big Year for Scotty McCreery


It’s only February, and already American Idol winner and fledgling country superstar Scotty McCreery is having arguably the biggest year of his relatively new career.  After winning season 10 of Idol, McCreery has gone from strength to strength, and having releasing an incredibly successful Christmas album in 2012, he has used that success to propel him into an even more spectacular 2013.

It’s important to remember, of course, that this is a very young artist we’re talking about.  When McCreery won Idol, he was just a junior in high school, and to his credit, stayed in school even after his win, heading into his senior year just as his debut single, “I Love You This Big,” was certified gold.  Now having graduated from Garner High School in North Carolina, McCreery has made another unusual choice – he’s going to college in his home state, choosing to have an education as well instead of just letting his music success carry him through.  McCreery is majoring in communications at North Carolina State, taking classes three days a week while touring the other four days.  In his spare time, he’s recording a new album, to be released later in the year.

Given how brutal that schedule must be, it’s a good thing McCreery has youth on his side.  One, his energy helps him keep going, and two, his naïveté about how much sleep humans need is keeping him from realizing that he’s not supposed to be able to do as much as he’s doing.  Still, he needs to be careful, because too many young artists, and especially those who have such a meteoric rise to the top try to do too much too soon, and end up burning themselves out in the process.  McCreery seems like a great guy, and he’s contributing a lot to the country music world, so it would be a shame to see him wreck it all by overdoing it.

Speaking of contributions, Scotty McCreery is also giving back to the music community.  Just this week, he hosted an event where he presented a donation of $1.2 million from the CMA Foundation to the Nashville public school system, where 81,000 students will benefit.  The money will be used to purchase instruments and fund music programs for the students.  The fact that McCreery is getting involved in philanthropic projects so early in his career is a good sign, as he is likely to be in a very good position to give some money of his own as his career progresses.

It may be a little worrying that things are going so well for Scotty McCreery.  With two successful albums and a third on the way, sold out tour dates, and a promising educational future, it’s hard to imagine how things could get any better for the young star.  Still, some people just live charmed lives, and with such a strong sense of roots and a good head on his shoulders, McCreery seems like just the sort of person who could easily keep his feet on the ground while still reaching for the stars.

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