Friday, February 15, 2013

Tweets From Tonights Concert in Niagra Falls

Never seen a singer interact w/the crowd that much! The ladies love him!

In Niagara Falls at the @RapidMusic venue the fans Like It They Love and yes they Want Some More of It.

At the in Niagara Falls sings See You Tonight!

Here in Niagara Falls singing I Love You This Big!

Yes Niagara Falls, Papa is in the Pen!

Who knew you could get a Suntan in Niagara Falls in February? Guess did!

Scotty McCreery will be performing May 25th in Valdosta, GA

Saturday May 25, 2013 8:00 PM
Scotty McCreery in Concert at Wild Adventures!
Saturday, May 25 at 8:00 PM

America fell in love with Scotty in 2011 when he appeared on American Idol. His distinct country voice made him stand out among the rest as he won season ten of American Idol when a record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale. “I Love You This Big,” became a top 15 hit, which the video for the song hit number one after one week of its release.
General concert seating is included with a 2013 Season Pass or park admission. Reserved seats are an additional cost to park admission and will be available for purchase for $15 Friday, February 15 for Season Passholders by phone or at the park and Friday, February 22 for all guests online, by phone or at the park.
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Top 10 Reasons Scotty McCreery was liked at Sands Bethlehem Event Center

February 15, 2013 John J. Moser at 05:14:14 PM on February 15, 2013
Scotty McCreery live 1We liked the show by Scotty McCreery, winner of the 10th season of “American Idol,” when he played Sands Bethlehem Event Center on Thursday.
And in the same way “American Idol” whittles contestants down to the Top 10, here are the Top 10 reasons we did:
Scotty McCreery: We liked the 'American Idol" winner for 10 reasonsPhotos by Kevin Mingora/The Morning Call
Scotty McCreery live 2He sings well:  Make no mistake, McCreery, the 19-year-old North Carolina country singer, didn’t win “American Idol” just because he appealed to the show’s dominant demographic of young girls. Well, maybe he did. But the point is that he really can sing – at least as well as most county artists out there, such as Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan or even Tim McGraw.
Moreover, McCreery’s voice and technique have gotten far better since “Idol.” In a 90-minute show of 21 full songs and a medley of three others, he rarely lapsed into the deep over-affected  voice he used on “Idol.” Instead he sang in a nice, still-deep, natural voice, starting with the opening song, a new tune called “Rock This Night.” His voice also has gained innumerable confidence – to the point where he even took chances vocally.
He has grown: It’s not just McCreery’s voice that has gained confidence. His whole stage presence was more commanding – though he’s still no Tim McGraw, or even Luke Bryan, in that regard. But he’s on his way. For example, he was engagingly mobile and emphatic, and before he sang a cover of George Strait’s “Check Yes or No,” he told how “Idol” tried to get him to sing Lada Gaga. “They didn’t get it,” he said. “Three words: I am country.”
Scotty McCreery Live 3He acknowledges his influences: The Strait song, which he did very well, while playing guitar, was among nine covers plus a medley of others McCreery did (after all, he does only have one original album). But McCreery nicely made it about more than just doing other peoples’ songs. He made it clear how much artists such as Brad Paisley (whose song “Celebrity” he did and whose tour he opened for last year) have meant to him.
On Tim McGraw’s “I Like It, I Love It,” he cut loose for a fun run that was one of his best. Travis Tritt’s “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” closed his main set and Jamey Johnson’s “In Color” was perhaps McCreery’s best cover. He played it alone on a stool with acoustic guitar that was surprisingly good and singing that was dynamic.
And the two Garth Brooks songs McCreery did, exceeded Brooks’ versions. The crowd especially liked “Papa Loved Mama,” on which the four guitars from McCreery’s band lined up at the front of the stage, and he was way better than Brooks on “The Dance,” on which opening act Sarah Darling came out to duet with him.
Scotty McCreery Live 4He had a good band: McCreery may be young, but his five-man backing band was solid and professional. It nailed “Check Yes or No,” especially the steel guitar. It made McCreery’s “Better Than That” rollicking, fun and forceful; same with “You Make That Look Good.” On other songs, it was tight.
He has good songs: McCreery sang nine of the songs from his 2011 debut disc “Clear as Day” (oddly, not the title song), and it was clear why the disc debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s overall chart and has gone platinum (aside from the young girls thing). “Water Tower Town” was a nice country radio song. “Dirty Dishes,” which he sang in a nice voice, seated on a stool, was the kind of touching girls-and-moms songs he does well.”Out of Summertime,” with a good banjo, sounded like Darius Rucker. And, of course, his gold hit “The Trouble with Girls” was a standout.
Scotty McCreery live 5His new songs were even better:  As good as those songs were, McCreery was sincere when he said he’s more than anxious for his sophomore disc, and the three new songs he played showed why. In addition to “Rock This Night,” the new “See You Tonight” was really good muscular pop, and a song he didn’t identify – likely called “A Summer Tan,” was closer to country rock. For that song, the band kicked a half-dozen huge beach balls into the crowd. Looks like McCreery has another hit ahead of him.
He sang his “Idol” coronation song: I’ve seen “American Idol” winners Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks, Jordan Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze, and Only Clarkson sang her coronation song – and really poked fun at it by punking it up. But McCreery embraced his “Idol” roots, taking the stage to the sound of show host Ryan Seacrest’s voice proclaiming him the winner. And while his new confidence let him play with the song “I Love You This Big,” he paid it the attention it deserves and, in doing do, gave tribute to the fans who got him where he is, rather than dissing them once they won.
Scotty McCreery live 6He rocks: In addition to “A Summer Tan,” McCreery showed he can kick it up. His “You Make This Look Good” was bounding rock, and so was the encore, a cover of Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone.”
He’s not “outlaw”: Once was there was a sub-genre of country music made up of outlaws like Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams Jr. These days, that’s standard operating procedure for all country artists. Even Taylor Swift is moaning in her songs. McCreery has his own niche: He’s not kiddie, he’s not outlaw. He appeals to fans who aren’t interested in either. And judging by the mixed-age crowd of something approaching 2,000 at the event center Thursday, there are a good number of them.
He’s genuine: Dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, McCreery was just so doggone earnest, it was infectious. Thursday’s show did, after all, kick off his first headlining tour
 “It seems like just yesterday I was trying out for that little show called ‘American Idol,’” he told the crowd after “A Walk in the Country.” At the end of a jaunty “Write My Number on Your Hand” (one of the few songs he sang in that affected voice), he complied with an audience member to write on her hand, and it induced a rush to the stage. That left him signing autographs for a good two minutes before security stepped in.
“Wow, that’s the first time we did that,” he said.
He should expect a lot more ahead.

Scotty McCreery & family share pictures of Niagra Falls

nathanthomasmusic @_scottymccreery getting a little sea lion love...he politely refused when I asked if I could kiss him on the cheek

my other friend:) soooo cute 😍

"I'm sorry buddy but there are no seats left in the penguin section..."

Visiting penguins at the Niagara Aquarium! Rapids Theatre tonight!
my new friend :)

First time ever at Absolutely gorgeous, but chilly too!

Hello Niagara Falls!!

Just chilling by the falls

Pictures of Scotty McCreery's concert at Sand Bethlehem Event Center

 Pictures were posted in the Lehigh Valley's Newspaper - The  Morning Call

Click on the link below to see pictures of Scotty's performance at Sand Bethlehem Event Center,0,3400160.photogallery?index=mc-pictures-concert-review-scotty-mccreery-san-009

VIDEOS: Scotty McCreery's Concert In Bethlehem, PA

Credit to: DolphinsCry72 for both videos

Opening night of the Weekend Roadtrip Tour

Here are some tweets and pictures from tonight. And remember when Scotty mentioned he and his team were trying to get creative? During Write My Number On Your Hand, Scotty went around and wrote 919 800 7527 on hands. If you call that number, you'll get a message from Scotty himself as well as a text message sent to your phone. Try it out, it's fun :)

 please please please give me your number I missed it I got so close look 

Had an amazing time at the concert!  
 enjoying your show from the eleventh row !!!! 
omg  you were amazing tonight. Gotta love this picture..  lol 
Scotty and the band 

Scotty McCreery Weekend Roadtrip Tour heads to Niagra Falls, NY

Rapids Theatre, Niagra Falls, NY
 Doors open at 6:30 pm show starts at 7:30 pm

  Balcony Shot


THE RAPIDS THEATRE: The 2nd Great Wonder in the City of Niagara Falls!