Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scotty McCreery Debuts Two New Songs Live in Concert

Scotty McCreery
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
One of country’s favorite ‘American Idol‘ winners Scotty McCreery debuted two new and unreleased songs at a recent concert, giving fans a hint of what may lie in store on his upcoming sophomore studio album.
The 19-year-old singer won Season 10 of ‘Idol,’ and in 2011 he released his debut album ‘Clear as Day,’ which has been certified Platinum. The young star has been touring the world since, and he also released a successful Christmas album last year, but his focus lately (besides school) has been on his upcoming second studio record, for which he says he is writing some of the songs.
Suntan‘ is a perfect commercial vehicle for the young star, who has expressed his specific desire to find a hit single for his next record. “You know, in the last year I’ve won awards, I’ve had sold out shows across the country, but I haven’t had that big radio hit yet,” McCreery told Taste of Country in October of 2012. “So that’s my mission right now. So I’ve got to go out there and try to find it.”
‘Suntan’ could certainly fit the bill. It’s exactly the kind of song that radio is playing right now, so it would appeal to program directors’ penchant for repeating the success they just had. It’s also a song with a young attitude that would play perfectly as a light, fun summer single.
‘See You Tonight’ is another unreleased song that has strong potential as a single, with a lyric about a young man pining to see his girlfriend in person instead of just talking to her on the phone. The song features a strong chorus, and McCreery’s voice is just unique enough to make what could be a relatively ordinary piece of material shine in the right studio recording.
It’s not immediately apparent whether McCreery wrote or co-wrote either of the new songs, but he has certainly expressed his desire to do so. “Some of the guys from Nashville will follow us on the road so in our spare time we can write, and [I'll also] find a few days for me to go to Nashville [to write] as well, so I’m excited,” he enthused last July. “It will be the first time for me to have a cut of mine on the album.”


Video of Scotty McCreery singing Folsom Prison Blues & That's Alright Momma

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