Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keep voting!

Just a reminder to vote for Scotty over at Taste of Country in the Taste of Country Bowl 2013. He's still up against Brantley Gilbert. Voting ends today at 11:59 EST. Currently at 9:43 EST, Scotty is leading but it's not over yet. 

Head over here to submit your vote!

Also, over on Twitter McCreerians are trending #VoteForScotty. Mr and Mrs McCreery as well as Ashley have joined in on the trending. And Scotty promised a TP tomorrow, win or lose. Currently #VoteForScotty is trending in the US:

Poll is closed and McCreerians prove once again that "Scotty is No. 1 and always will be". Rest up tonight, we take on Taylor Swift and the Swifties this next week!