Sunday, December 1, 2013

See You Tonight by Scotty McCreery is Better By The Dozen



Announcing Scotty's SYT Better By The Dozen Campaign


1.   Secure 12 See You Tonight CD booklets with 2 rubberbands as shown in picture above.
2.  Place 7 first class stamps on a large envelope.
3.  Place a return SASE, also with 7 stamps, along with the 12 CD booklets, inside the large envelope.
4.  Mail to: Fan Clubhouse
                     2813 Azalea Place
                     Nashville TN 37204
5.  Allow 2 weeks to receive your autographed booklets!
6.  Added Bonus! -- Included in your package when you receive your signed booklets will be a meet and greet pass good for any show (offer expires 10/31/2014).  

Thank you for supporting "Better By The Dozen!"


  1. I have been listening to CWSM all day love, love it, and its gets me in the mood for Christmas and with my husband being gone Christmas in Heaven makes me feel so close to him. Thank You Scotty I love that song well what am I saying I just love the whole CD. I could listen to it all day long. SYT CD I listen to it all the time Scotty was up 4 on Bob Kinsley today WKDQ Radio. Yay!!!!! He was #23. Well I am going to go decorate and listen to Scotty Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone here, had a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! ILYTB Scotty

  2. I already bought 4 more CD's as gifts to my friends. I really want him to reach gold at least. I was disappointed that SYT sales didnt come up to all our expectations despite the good reviews of both radio n critics.

  3. mama G, What didBob Kinsley say before and after song? Kix Brooks belittled Scotty by talking about scotty saying he goes to Pintrest to see what they wrote so to know what to buy the ladies, and Kix said Scotty, aren't you still in high school?, like he wasn't even old enough to have ladies to buy for! So here is Scotty trying to appear older with his new album and Kix says this. NOT flattering at all. He could have mentioned that Scotty wrote the song sYT or at least something better than he did.

  4. Janice I wish I got back on here right afterwards to see your comment because now I can't remember exactly he was nice I know but it was when I was coming from church and eating and he was proud of it and Scotty said somrthing about his friends you know how he talks about them hating on him about signing autographs that it was all good I can't really remember exactly I was just glad he was 23 on there and I was excited!!!! but Bob Kinsley was really nice, yeah I saw that somewhere else on internet about what Scotty said but hey we know him and he meant it as a good thing for his Mom or someone else. That's just how things get turned around I'm like Scotty and them we just need to ignore it we all know its ALL Good as Scotty says!!!!! Yes he could have said something positive hey he just isn't up on his news about Scotty if he doesn't know his in college and touring on the weekends!!!Have a Good Day everyone!!!!!!Maybe he will be up again next week to 20 0r better, :):):) ILYTB Scotty

  5. Ha!Ha! just read Scotty's tweet about naming one of his songs 'I Don't Want To Be Your Friend' and that they worried it maybe sounded too mean? I recollect, he had the same problem with 'The Trouble With Girls' and was frequently explaining and explaining that its really a nice song. Ha! Ha!

  6. Thanks Mama G. This week is going a bit slower for scotty on mediabase, but he will still be on countdown for sure. I only get top 30, you are lucky.

  7. Donna, hi. At the top of this page is "mediabase" is that where Scotty gets credit on Requesting Songs for him ?


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