Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scotty McCreery will be in Tulsa, OK today

 Jingle Jam, KVOO radio event - Tulsa, OK

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  • December 18, 2013 9:00 PM ET
  • December 29, 2013 4:00 PM ET

Scotty McCreery, Red Bull, and Elvis

Drew Waters takes an incredible tour of 3 amazing Celebrity Motorhomes. Scotty McCreery Our tour of these awesome Celebrity Motorhomes first takes us to Bristol, Tennessee, to check out a coach that is a true American Idol. Besides winning the biggest talent show in the nation, Country Music Star Scotty McCreery also won America’s heart. With a debut album going platinum, there is no doubt he is the real deal. Now spending half the year touring, Scotty made sure he and his band of 13 do it in grand style on board this magnificent bus. With and impressive front lounge and enough bunk space for his entire crew, its easy to see why Scotty loves it kick back and relax in this great coach. Red Bull Then, continuing our tour of these incredible Celebrity Motor Homes we see how a custom coach literally doubles the fun while on the road. Red Bull is not just the world’s most popular energy drink, it’s become a global brand. From basketball superstar Blake Griffin to motocross freestyle specialist Travis Pastrana, Red Bull sponsors some of the best athletes in the world, and when these athletes need a space to hang out at an event, Red bull aims to please with two one of a kind buses. Built strictly to have a good time, our first coach takes a rolling party bus and hospitality to the highest possible level. The inside of this old double decker has been striped down to create the most unbelievable party space on the road, and if that doesn’t impress you, how about a bus that transforms into a fully functional sound stage at a press of a button. You don’t want to miss this. Elvis Last, our extravagant tour of celebrity motorhomes now takes us to Tupelo Mississippi where we check out a bus that is sure to get you "all shook up". Jeff and his team found Elvis’s old tour bus in a field and took on the task of bringing this beautiful piece of history back to life. 200 thousand dollars and 18 months later, Jeff accomplished what was to be an impossible task. From the custom living room to the back lounge area, it’s easy to see why the King of Rock and Roll traveled in a beauty like this. We’re rolling out the red carpet and giving you an exclusive look inside these AMAZING celebrity motor homes!


  1. Watched the Scotty segment last night and was really impressed with the interview. What a nice way to travel! I am so glad that Scotty is looking out for his band members as well as himself as they travel down the road. May God bless your travels and keep all of you safe.

  2. I Watched it too his segment too. was really impressed with the interveiw. but didn't see the Elvis bus. sure would have like to seen his. Scotty I am so happy that you keep you and the band safe on the road.
    you and the band are always on mind while ya'll are on the road. I am so glad that God blesses you on the road every time your on the bus. So please keep ya'll safe. love u bunches.


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