Saturday, December 7, 2013

Scotty McCreery Talks With Taste of Country

These videos were posted on YouTube on 10/26 but I don't recall anyone posting them on here so if they have been posted - I'm Sorry :)               This is not a video from TOC - but I'm posting it here anyway :) Credi to: MyMusicRx


  1. Donna, I found the 3 videos of Scotty at the Mighty Men Conference. Also I found Hey Good Lookin and also on that video is That's Alright Mama Here are the links. Type in search.. Scotty McCreery at Mighty Men Conference. And here is the other one. Type in search..Scotty McCreery at Lincoln City, OR. When you put the videos on this site, they sound better than on youtube. Thank you so much.

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