Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scotty McCreery at the Izod Center Tribute To American Legends of the Ice

Credit to: TheButtons66                      Credit to: Becky Weitzel


  1. Donna there is another one out there See you Tonight he's in the audience performing by the children..

  2. INCREDIBLE WOW!!!! That was so Extremely amazing of him singing America the Beautiful. I was crying the whole time I was watching cause it was fantastic awesome. Best performance!!!!! both of them was super great. can't wait to see the See You Tonight video. Donna is this going to be on TV please let us know. Love our Scotty so much.

    1. Sharron Gail Taylor, Yes, this will be on TV . this coming Feb 1st on NBC and I to agree with you him singing America the Beautiful was so great.


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