Saturday, December 21, 2013

ScottTv - Episode 12 - The Goal


  1. Too funny!!! I have missed scottv episodes.

  2. Yes, this really was funny. Good to see team work succeed.
    McCreerians we need team work to keep SYT #1 on ToC.
    so let's get to voting.

  3. Too funny. Have missed seeing Scot TV! Good to see them having fun. Think MIke was upset while waiting for Scotty, or just acting since camera was on him!!

  4. It was so funny and to see ScottTv , cause I've miss it so much. so glad that the guys are back at it. cause it was a way we could see Scotty. It was fun seeing them doing team work. I do beleive that Mike was upset while he was waiting for Scotty. Hey Scotty play Basketball a lot and see if you can win a lot of games with the guys. Ive trully have miss this so much. Love u so much.


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