Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2014 is starting to get busy for Scotty McCreery

These dates are posted on the bottom of the 2013 Event page but I wanted to post them here, as well, so that way I'm sure everyone will be able to see them.

10 Caesars Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)
24 Paramount Art Center (Ashland, KY)
25 Country Winter Blast 2014 (Hampton Coliseum, VA)
31 Cross Insurance Center (Bangor, ME) (appearing w/ The Band Perry)

01 American Legends of the Ice (NBC TV--pre-recorded 12/11/13)

13 Springfield, MO (Gillioz Theatre -- 1,130 seats)
14 Longview, TX (Belcher Center, Letourneau University -- 2,011 seats)
15 Dallas / Ft Worth (Billy Bob's)
18 Ryman Auditorium -- HEADLINER (Nashville, TN)

01 SeaWorld-Bands, Brew & BBQ (Orlando, FL)
12 ACC Basketball Tournament (Greensboro, NC)

16th Island Resort & Casino (Harris, MI)
17th Island Resort & Casino (Harris, MI)

June 201414 AtlantaFest2014--THE Christian Music Festival

17-21 Duck Dynasty Cruise SOLD OUT.


  1. I would like to see Walmart do a better job promoting SCOTTY'S CD. You have to really look for it to find it....and that was true when it first came out.

  2. I agree, as the 1st day it came out I went there and they did not have it, so I had to drive further and 2nd place had it. janfan

  3. Ditto ! When I go to walmart I put SCOTTY'S CD's eye level . I also went there to buy SYT (oct 15) wasn't there and salelady said they don't handle CD department. Separate Company....It does seem like Scotty can't get a good break sooooo lets go and buy some CD's and go GOLD. This award coming up is so important. Lets prayer for Scotty. We all love him dearly.

    1. That saleslady was just too lazy to help. When CAD came out I went to Walmart on the first day to get it, and it was not out yet, but a WalMart employee went back to the back and got one out of the box for me.

  4. I don't like shopping at WalMart. But I went to buy 5 CD's of Scotty's See You Tonight when it first came out. They didn't have them and the clerk asked "Scotty who?" I asked another lady and she said they didn't have them coz maybe he's not popular, yet! Blood boiling I left disgusted!!! Went to Best Buy, instead...I wonder who takes care of this sales stuff for Scotty???

  5. Yea. Scotty will be in Longview, Tx on Valentines day.......pre sale started yesterday at 10:00am. Only one hour away for me. Got my tickets at 10:01!!! lol
    Can't wait to see his new show along with new music.


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