Friday, November 15, 2013

Scotty McCreery & Bob Pickett

Credit to: Bob Worden


  1. I just watched some videos from the Tour in Texas and Feelin It Scotty I loved it, the crowd loved it and loved you playing the electric guitar and you have it down pat with those moves and I'm loving this song goodness you have come a long way and your in for the Big Times you are doing so Amazing . Forget to forget you, love that song and IDK I'm loving this whole entire Album. I just love seeing all these videos I feel as though I'm there. Thanks everyone for putting them on here because I don't know how to do it and I'm just Loving seeing Scotty and Dry Country perform and I tell ya what his band is doing so good also. Congrats y'all!!!! It looks like y'all hit it out of the ballpark last night lets do it again tonight!!!! ILYTB

    1. Hi MamaG in your comment above they stated that you just watched some videos form the Tour in Texas, where did you find these? Would love to watch them. There has not been very many video's lately on this site or on Scotty Mcceery Fan Club other then his NC Fair video's so I would love to see some other ones

      Thanks very much, Bob

  2. he is killing it in these concerts. just love it. Love this interview with bob.


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